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Temptalia 2009 Editor's Choice Awards

Temptalia 2009 Editor's Choice Awards

March 30, 2017 | 0 Comments Posted By: Eve Pearl

2009 Editor’s Choice Awards-Part 3-The Cheeks & Face

EVE PEARL would like to thank Temptalia ( for choosing our Salmon Concealer® & Treatment for the 2009 Editor’s Choice Award for “Best Concealer”.We’re thrilled to have been a part of this years picks and look forward to sharing our signature Concealer with new fans!


Each award is broken down into a best high-end winner and budget-friendly winner. For each award, the winning brand/product gets a brief description of why, and where appropriate, a link to any in-depth review. These awards are given out by me based on my personal experience with the products. Readers’ Choice Awards are completely separate :)

Part 3 focuses on my favorite products to use on the cheeks and face — from blush to foundation to primer. These were not restricted to new products in 2009; any brand, any product, from any time can win.

Best Concealer (High-end): Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer ($35.00) is a very creamy and emollient concealer that works really well to camouflage those nasty under eye circles. This concealer really does conceal with a vengeance, because it’s a very thick, creamy product that fully covers whatever you need it to cover.


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