What our Privacy Policy Covers

This Privacy Policy covers any personal information that GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® obtains from you when you use services on our site. This policy does not cover the practices of companies that GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® does not own or control, or the actions of people that GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® does not employ or manage. Our Privacy Policy may change in the future. We invite you to check back periodically to see if we have made any changes. If we make any material changes, we will post a notice on our home page.

What Personal Information is Collected

Depending on how you use GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL®, we may ask you to share personal information with us. Whether you choose to give GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® information is completely up to you, but keep in mind that if you withhold information, you may not be able to use some of our services.

When Personal Information is Collected

GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® will ask you for information, including some personal information, if you use one of several services, such as making a purchase. When you make a purchase on www.EvePearl.com, you are required to supply a billing address, phone number, shipping address, and payment information.

How GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® Protects Your Information

We realize that our customers trust us to protect their personal information. We take that task seriously. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information. For example: We use industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") authentication to guarantee the confidentiality of online transactions made on our site. SSL authentication and encryption of the information that you send to us over the Internet help protect your online transaction information from third party interception. Unfortunately, despite all of our efforts, there is always a risk that third parties may unlawfully intercept transmissions. This reality is true of all Internet use. As a result, we cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit, and you transmit all information at your own risk.

How GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® Uses Your Personal Information

GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL®  collects personal information primarily to make our services more rewarding for you to use. We usually use this information for internal purposes, such as studying our customers' preferences. We may also use your information to contact you for account and promotional purposes.

How to void Receiving Newsletters and Other EvePearl.com Materials

We use e-mail addresses to send out GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® newsletters and other announcements with information regarding new products, gifts and special tips and tricks from Eve. If you receive an e-mail and want to avoid further messages, reply to the e-mail letting the GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® team know and they will remove you from the mailing list.

Who Views Your Personal Information

GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® may share your personal information with companies that perform services for us, such as fulfilling orders, delivering packages, sending postal mail and e-mails, analyzing customer data, providing marketing assistance, processing credit card payments, investigating fraudulent activity, conducting customer surveys, and providing customer service. They have access to personal information needed to perform their functions, but may not disclose your personally identifiable information for other purposes.

Some personal information is stored on servers owned by other companies. Only GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® has the right to access this information.

We currently share aggregate information about our customers with advertisers and marketing partners. This information does not identify individual users.

Personal Information May Be Disclosed If Required By Law GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® does not currently sell or license personal information. Before selling or licensing your personal information, we will post a notice in this Privacy Policy and an update notification on our home page.

At this time, GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® does not share any personal information with its affiliates. It is possible that this policy will change in the future. If we do decide to share information with our affiliates, we will post a notice in this Privacy Policy and on our home page.

Definition of web beacon: A web beacon, sometimes called a pixel, is a graphic image or small string of code, that is included on web pages or in an email to enable the transfer of data. Web beacons can be used by companies for several purposes such as reporting web site traffic, customer preferences, advertising effectiveness, and general auditing.

When you buy something on www.EvePearl.com, you are required to supply a billing address, phone number, shipping address, and payment information.

Questions About This Policy

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or the content or practices of our website, you can contact GreatFaces, Inc. - EVE PEARL® directly at: suppport@evepearl.com.




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