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  • Meredith Vieira The Meredith Vieira Show

    "The woman you see on television is the real me...only better, thanks to Eve. With just the wave of her brush, she gives me bright eyes, higher cheekbones, lusher lips, and bigger breasts. Follow Eve's 'pearls' of wisdom, and you can have the same."

    Arianna Huffington The Huffington Post

    "I have known Eve Pearl for over 12 years and I have been deeply impressed by her ability to turn a vision into a thriving business. She combines a great talent with professionalism, hard work, and attention to detail and has built an international brand based on quality and delivering results. As I travel around the world I have been amazed to see so many people raving about her and her products."

    Kathie Lee Gifford The TODAY Show

    "Everything in Eve Pearl’s line is gorgeous, makes your skin absolutely dewy and beautiful."

    Hoda Kotb The TODAY Show

    "Eve is brilliant, we love your store."

    Sarah Haines Good Morning America

    "I use EVE PEARL® Dual Foundation. It makes your skin TV ready."

    Maria Menounos

    "Meredith Vieira’s makeup artist created a wonderful line of makeup called EVE PEARL®. I love her concealer."

    Lisa Ling National Geographic's Ultimate Explorer

    "Eve is brilliant at helping people accentuate their assets and camouflage their blemishes. If she hadn't done it for me, I wouldn't have believed it to be possible."

    Constance Marie The George Lopez Show

    "In a time when most of us feel pressure to slice and dice ourselves to be perfect, Eve Pearl helps us discover and accentuate the beauty we've always had but just didn't know how to unleash."

    Kelly Ripa LIVE with Kelly and Michael

    "Eve is not only a make-up artist, she is a magician who reveals the tricks of he trade."

    David Tutera My Fair Wedding

    "Eve has done some amazing makeup on our show!"
  • Darlene C.

    Dear Eve Pear, I ordered the Flawless Face Palette - Light - Cream and the Salmon Concealer from ShopNBC because with each one I got a (almost free) Eve Pearl brush. I just wanted to tell you "I LOVE THEM". And, your concealer brush 102 is excellent. Thank You so much for a good quality product.

    Kevin James Bennett Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist

    My pal Eve Pearl gave me the Flawless Face Palette in Medium. I used it on myself for an on-air segment recently. No one knew I had makeup on, they just kept commenting on my great skin ...I owe you BIG TIME Ms. Eve!

    Daniela M.

    I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing products. I'm am mua at Disneyland. I recently purchased the salmon concealer and the hd foundation trio and I am in love. I've been using it at all of my events at Disneyland on every celeb, disney shows and parades. It's fantastic!!!! Thank you Eve Pearl

    Nicole L.

    This is a dream in one easy portable palette! You have everything you need to create beautiful radiant skin! You can do an over all matte look or go soft and dewy! What I like to do is be the best of both worlds and go matte in the T-Zone and dewy on the top of my cheek bones!

    Darlene G.

    Eve Pearl has really nailed it with this wonderfully, easy to use, priming moisturizer. I consider myself to have very sensitive skin and I get the perfect result every time using this even without using my regular moisturizer when applying makeup. What I love about this and all of Eve's products is its consistency with respect to a perfect application of makeup EVERY TIME. Thanks so much for all you do for your gals.

    Tina D.

    Love this! Love all the make up from Eve Pearl- its changed my whole make up routine. Love the palette because its all there in one box!

    Annette M.

    I recently purchased this palette along with the Au natural and Emerald palette and I am truly impressed with the beauty of the colors and the pigments. What makes each palette amazing is the combination of colors. The colors blend with each other like a perfect marriage. It is like the colors belong together and Eve has done a great job adding jewel tones with warm tones to blend out any harshness if so desired. I plan to buy every palette. I love the size and the sheer power of the colors. I am stoked with the shadows!! Pure Love!

    Nicole L.

    With out Eve's salmon concealer I don't think I would leave the house! Just like her Foundations this little miracle will cover up any imperfections, rosacea, dark circles etc..

    Nicole L.

    For the colours them self, I'm in love! I think, with most women, we gravitate to the Natural/Earth tone shades. These are beautiful, as you can see from the swatches. They are very smooth, creamy & Blend effortlessly. The colours last all day! Never be fooled with "A Natural Palette", you can easily create that natural look and pull together a gorgeous night time look. The Taupe shade is also perfect for filling in my eye brows!

    Susan C.

    This eyeliner is extremely easy to apply and I love how easily it flows. It does not streak, come off and is precise. Love it!!!
  • Christina Mielke Temptalia.com

    "EVE PEARL is a company with a beautiful, passionate soul at the helm. The products reflect that: there is commitment to efficacy, innovation, and practicality. It’s a range that works for anyone and everyone."

    Koren Zander EnKore

    "The Magic Salmon Concealer is the best." "EVE PEARL beauty products really defines what High Definition makeup should be. The finished looks are amazing both from afar and up close. With its antioxidant infusion, it makes it ideal for all skin types at any age."


    "I'm the biggest EVE PEARL fan. EVE PEARL are my holy grail of high end line of makeup. It’s cosmeceuticals which is really skincare in the form of makeup."


    "I strongly recommend trying EVE PEARL products. If you happen to be a women of color, EVE PEARL will be your best friend. I think the products are brilliant, absolutely amazing. I normally don’t rave about things like this, but I’m very pleased with my purchase. I will definitely purchase again from EVE PEARL and I strongly recommend it."


    "I have my EVE PEARL HD foundation in Medium. I absolutely love this texture. It’s like the creamiest stuff ever. If you haven’t seen Eve’s method of how to apply foundation. I recommend watching her videos because she is AMAZING. Believe her, she knows what she’s doing."

    Wayne Goss Gossmakeupartist

    "EVE PEARL blush trio, I use them all day, every day. I have all these other bright colors, but I just tend to use these EVE PEARL blushes because it’s got a peach, pink and a bronzer. It saves me time and I can just whip it over with a Fan brush."

    Makeup by Ren Ren Ren Ren

    "Eve is an amazing Makeup Artist. I use her stuff in my personal kit and in my professional kit. All her stuff is high quality" "Eve Pearl inspired me in so many ways... The EVE PEARL products have equipped me with the tools to become a better makeup artist. The EP Team has given me the support to become a better blogger and Eve Pearl herself has made me a better person and helped me tap into the beauty that everyone woman possesses."

    Elessa Jade Pursebuzz

    "I feel like I’m not wearing anything, I feel like it’s part of me. My skin feels moisturized. I love it, I learned so much." "Eve Pearl is a great influence in my life, from her cosmetic line to her warm heart. Her line not only creates flawless looks on my clients but also changes them into becoming a believer that they can be beautiful versions of themselves today and every day. Simple techniques that work every time. I can’t live without the EVE PEARL Method."
  • "EVE PEARL HD Dual Foundation: this is one of my go-to foundations for when I need to look FLAWLESS. It provides medium to full coverage, and I love that there is a lighter and darker side, because it allows for really great color matching."

    "EVE PEARL Salmon Concealer & Treatment is a very creamy and emollient concealer that works really well to camouflage those nasty under eye circles. This concealer really does conceal with a vengeance, because it’s a very thick, creamy product that fully covers whatever you need it to cover."

    I just finished my first week with your foundation and concealer. I am 48 years old and I can honestly say I was very skeptical to try yet another foundation and concealer. I have to admit I am a make up junkie not because I just like to buy make up but because I have such problem skin that nothing has ever made my skin look or feel good. I am extremely oil, have some acne scars and have melasma on my cheeks. After one week using your foundation and concealer I feel like I have finally found the products for me. My skin looks so even and the make up lasted all day without my skin feeling greasy or breaking out. I was so excited that I told my 15 year old daughter she had to try it. She rolled her eyes because I have made her try so much of my other make up that she never really liked. When I went to pick her up at school after 8 hours the first thing she said is "you have to buy me this make up, I LOVE IT! " She said her skin was not oily and for the first time did not break out. She felt like her skin looked so good all day which is very important for a teenage girl. I went online an ordered her the foundation and then ordered myself the blush, eyeshadow, primer and eyeliner. I am going to throw out ALL my other make up. I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing product. Your new loyal customer.

    Chris S

    My 71 year old mother was visiting over the mothers day weekend and I did her make up for her using all my new Eve Pearl make up. I told her I was not going to tell her whose line it was until she was sure she liked it. She flew to Miami that day and called me the next morning and said I have to have that make up. She loved it. She went on line yesterday and bought the foundation, primer, eye shadow, blush and powder. If people try it they LOVE it!

    Chris S

    Wow, I never thought that you would be personally replying to your company e-mails. I feel very honored. Thanks Eve again!

    Fiona M

    I'm in love with the products! My makeup routine has never been the same since I saw Eve's videos and then since I could actually try the products! This is some AMAZING stuff! I can't live without the priming moisturizer with astaxanthin for the rest of my life! Really transformed my skin for better! Thank you Eve for sharing your experience and for being such an inspiration, and thanks to the EP team for providind an awesome service, always kind! =)

    Renata M

    It was a pleasure meeting you and the staff at Eve Pearl. Thanks for the photos...don't we look lovely!! I had a great time and most of all learned so much. Also, thanks for your professional opinion on how I can get started in my new career! Thanks again!

    Danielle S, Vena Cava Design Studio http://www.venacavadesignstudio.com/

    Hi Eve, So excited after seeing you on the Today Show!! I'm so excited to order!!!!

    Marie G

    I recently ordered and am using many of your products and LOVE them! I have noticed after a month of use that the area directly under my eyes is becoming much lighter and firmer in texture. Is there something in the salmon concealer that would condition this area? I totally love your stuff! Thank you.

    Rebecca J (age 62) Lighthouse Point, FL

    In Temptalia 2011 Editor’s Choice Awards, EVE PEARL® won Best Concealer and Best Cream Foundation.

    Eve, Just wanted to send you a big Thank-you for spending so much time with me and my daughters in Nammies in L.A. on June 11th. We were so impressed with your teaching style, your warm personality and how patient you were in showing us how to apply the products. We ended up buying several of the items in your line and love all of it!! Your website is great and we will be ordering again soon!! Again, Thanks so much.

    Julie M

    My name is Kim and I'm 17 years old.. I live in the Bronx here in NYC and all I do basically is watch videos on YouTube of you doing makeup. I think you are so great and I look up to you SO MUCH! Please keep doing an amazing job, I'm only one of mannnnyyyyyy girls that truly look up to you! :)

    Kimberly P

    “I discovered your website recently, and have watched most of your video tutorials. They're very informative, and helpful!”

    Donna C

    “My name is Brooke Holmes and I stumbled upon your website via YouTube.com. I am just floored at your undeniably incredible work...it's so beautiful!! I love the fact that you display diversity in your work, more than most MUAs that I've seen. I watched the video of Jean-Marie's makeover and I had to scrape my jaw off the floor. Just amazing! Your explanations and steps towards getting the look is very clear and concise. I am truly inspired by your work.”

    Brooke Holmes

    “Both my business partner and I have been looking into numerous makeup ranges to use and retail within our salon. Then we found Eve Pearl! Wow, we are hooked!”

    Charlotte S

    “I wanted you to know that I admire your story, your life and work. I never get tired of watching your videos and I try hard to imitate your techniques. I graduated in Dentistry, finished earlier this year, but everyday I imagine what it would be like to do makeup for the rest of my life and be like you - doing your magic…”

    Mari F - Brazil

    “Eve Pearl is definitely my go-to, I sheer it out a little with a wet sponge but it still gives me GREAT coverage, especially for my dark circles.”

    Aimee A - New York City Beauty Blogger http://dbeautyjunkie.blogspot.com/

    I discovered your website recently, and have watched most of your video tutorials. They're very informative, and helpful! I'm 59 years old, and most people are surprised when they learn my age! Thank you

    Donna C

    “I happened to be walking in the city today and as I looked up I was drawn to the modern architecture of your studio's location. As I made my way up the escalator, I came upon Eve Pearl Studio. I walked in and instantly fell in love with your studio and the makeup is sooo beautiful, natural and flawless! Later on, I watched your makeup demonstration at home and the transformation was amazing! I love how your makeup line treats the skin because having a good foundation as a base is key.”

    Peggy K

    Friday Q&A: 9/11, Famous People and Makeup Artists By Meredith Vieira Thank you, Elise. I'd be happy to. My makeup artist is Eve Pearl. Every day she works her magic. The product line she's developed is really easy to use and everybody looks great. Check out: www.EvePearl.com.


  • chtitmog

    I already own the EP HD foundation, the Salmon Concealer and the Black Pearl smudgeproof liner - all are amazing! I'll probably end up buying her blush trio and her eye palettes –


    OMG the diva palette are so! pigmented! love this video!


    The au natural eye pallet is a favourite of mine!


    Thanks for these wonderful videos! You're a great MUA and also a fabulous teacher. I love your products so much that I've bought the EV foundation for my mother too. She loves it as much as I do! xoxo


    I wanna get me some of ur products!! :) i love how you have awesome ingredients in them.


    hi eve, i love your videos so much. thanks for sharing to the public what you know about makeup for free via youtube. I learned so much from your videos, they're simple yet beautiful and very wearable makeup colors.


    I LOVE LOVE my products. I have the HD foundation and blush trio in medium. They are my staples.


    Great tips and a very useful video


    WOW the look is great and it wasn't overly complicated THX


    The difference between the before and after is spectacular! Brava eve!


    I loved this video because you enhanced the beauty of the model without surgery but with your techniques.


    Eve, you crack me up! I love watching your work, I always learn something from you


    This video is incredibly helpful and user-friendly. Thanks Eve!!!! Hope to meet you one day!


    i love you eve! you give great advice on both makeup & entrepreneurial work, very inspirational


    i really love your videos - you are so talented :)


    you're such a good teacher and also a really generous person! i have tremendous respect for you :)


    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! I'm really happy about you posting videos regularly - they're great! =)


    Eve....I really look up to you as a makeup artist! Thank you so much for your tips and tricks and sharing with us what you do on a daily basis. Please continue with your videos for the professional makeup artists. These videos are informational and they really help us out!!!


    I always luv the way you do makeup, u r an amazing makeup artist. :)


    Eve, I just wanted to say Thank You for being so down to earth friendly and knowledgeable. I loved your seminars at the Makeup Show NYC and your products are AMAZING...everyone should try them! Your staff member, Tracy was so friendly and helpful...you guys are great! ~MakeupChicaMUA~ --Lynette


    Awesome, you're awesome, I love this tutorial. Thanks!!!!


    I just received my HD dual foundation, the HD powder in neutral and a blush trio as a free gift. I tried them all on and I have to say - I absolutely love love your products. Thank you Eve for giving us all the opportunity to look our best with your superior makeup.


    This was great Eve. You packed SO much info and tips into this one. All while at a show with everyone watching. If this isn't a true testament to your skill, I don't know what is;) Thanks so much for keeping up with us Youtube students;)


    Eve, I just met you today at Naimie's and I wanted to tell you that I loved every second of our meeting. You are unbelievable, as are your products. I came home, washed my face, and played with all my new Eve Pearl products. Today was a good day! Angelica


    Eve you are amazing !!!!! I LOVE everything i bought from you ^^ Now i am on my second HD foundation I do other ppl's makeup and they Love it ! Soon i am going to buy all your products !!!! Thanks for showing us how to be professionals ! xoxoxox


    This video is incredibly helpful and user-friendly. Thanks Eve!!!! Hope to meet you one day!


    My favorite brushes now are EvePearl's mini brushes, they are perfect! I think Eve was born to be a teacher. She has the 'teaching technique'


    Eve, I am so happy to know that your products are actually good for you when you are wearing them. After all the damage products do to your face over time, it is good to know yours actually make things better. Thanks :-)


    Eve you're amazing, thank you for sharing all your tips and knowledge. Your method makes so much sense. I love that you're so down to earth too, and real. Thank you, thank you... Lisa from the UK x
  • "I am a big fan of your contouring make-up techniques! Keep it going...Lots of Love :) "

    Eman Elahmady

    "Thank you Eve. You are wonderful. I received loads of compliments! "

    Tamara Brown

    "I need to order eyeliner! All my sisters love it!! I don't think I can go back to anything else. Thank you so much for using me as your modle at the LA makeup show"

    Ghayda Algazzali

    "5 time Emmy winner celebrity MUA - Eve Pearl. I got to experience one of her seminars. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her liquid eyeliner BTW”

    Donna Kugler

    "Oh my gosh! I was thinking WOW! Eve Pearl must have gotten her hands on Susan Boyle... It really was u!? U are so gifted at your craft WOW! God bless you! You truly bring out the best in everyone"

    Coleen Prevoznik-Alvarez

    "Hello Eve I love your work I'm training to be a makeup artist and hope to be like you one day"

    Kerry Hamilton

    "Love your tips Eve! You have a true talent and one of the best in the industry! Many hugs!!"

    Lisa Blue

    "Thank you for the make up demo at the Pasadena IMATS. The salmon concealer in tan is now a staple in my make up routine. I will make sure that everyone in San Diego knows about Eve Pearl. :) "

    Sarah Lynn

  • Bookloons.com

    “Easy to-follow and invaluable...a comprehensive instruction book to showcase the wonders that can be achieved with the simple touch of a make-up sponge...a must-read for anyone in need of fast, inexpensive beauty solutions.”


    “Packed with very helpful information.”

    Constance Marie, actress, George Lopez and American Family

    “In a time when most of us feel pressure to slice and dice ourselves to be perfect, Eve helps us discover and accentuate the beauty we’ve always had but just didn’t know how to unleash.”

    Lisa Ling, host, National Geographic’s Ultimate Explorer EYE-OPENING ACCLAIM FOR PLASTIC SURGERY WITHOUT THE SURGERY

    “Eve is brilliant at helping people accentuate their assets and camouflage their blemishes. If she hadn’t done it for me, I wouldn't have believed it to be possible.”

    Meredith Vieira, NBC’s Today, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and ABC’s The View

    “The woman you see on Television is the real me...only better, thanks to Eve. With just the wave of her brush, she gives me brighter eyes, higher cheekbones, lusher lips, and bigger breasts. Follow Eve’s ‘pearls’ of wisdom, and you can have the same."


    Emmy Award—winning celebrity makeup artist Eve Pearl reveals the simple and amazing makeup techniques that only the pros know. By applying the same Hollywood-insider methods used to make celebrities look young and gorgeous, she shows you how to enhance your lips, diminish wrinkles, and even appear to go from an A-cup bra to a generous B or even C! And this powerful, safe way to a more youthful and natural beauty takes just minutes to achieve. Discover: - Fantastic remedies for dark circles under the eyes, puffiness, and crow’s-feet - How to use moisturizers and foundations to create velvety, luminous skin tones–without the dangers of a chemical peel or bleaching - Dramatic shading to produce elegant cheekbones and make a double chin disappear - Techniques to make your breasts look larger (you won’t believe your eyes!) - Products to create fuller, more sensuous lips with a “sweetheart” shape and a luscious shine ...and much more. From eye-lift to face-lift, you will be thrilled by the results–without the pain, risk, or expense of surgery! “A friendly, affordable alternative to the doctor’s office.”

    About.com | Guide Review - Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery: Book Review

    Whatever part of your body that you don't like, this book will probably be able to fix without surgery. If you are sqeamish about needles or worse, you are going to like what this book has to offer. A Few Noteables You Shouldn't Miss You will find so many other interesting bits and pieces while thumbing through this book. One just happened to be a breast and bra time line and you won't want to miss how to increase the size with very little outside help. Are your lashes puny? Have you ever wondered how you would look with false lashes but had no idea how to apply them? This is another little gem that is worth mentioning. Detailed instructions await along with great photos to help you every step of the way.

    Kelly Ripa, cohost, Live with Regis Emmy Award–winning Celebrity Makeup Artist

    “Eve is not only a makeup artist, she is a magician who reveals the tricks of the trade.” Have you been contemplating Botox, eyelid surgery, or breast augmentation? A face-lift, nose job, or collagen injections? Save your money and stay away from the risks! Learn how you can get the glowing good looks you’ve always desired–and avoid going under the knife...

    Books in Review by Adrienne Petterson © 2006 | Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery: Book Review

    If we're all truthful, most of us would admit to having pushed and pulled not only our faces, but our thighs and waist and neck, to see if we'd look better with a little nip and tuck. Especially us older gals! Now, I'm so very tired of cosmetic and makeup companies using 11-year old girls to showcase their products. If you want to convince us your products will benefit our skin and looks, prove it to us by using someone with a little mileage on her face, and let us see that she's benefitted from using your product. Most of us, however, cannot afford (and certainly should not go into debt for) a facelift, but wouldn't mind looking a little less stressed, or a little less older. There is a way, apparently. Makeup artist Eve Pearl, shows us how we can avoid the surgeon's blade and skillfully use makeup to enhance our looks. She begins with our skin - finding out your skin type - very important to know so you can manage it. Then there are tricks to cover up freckles, blotches, and marks with makeup, by blending and contouring. The pictures are amazing! And, thankfully, the "models" are not all teenagers. Eve and her mother are also featured. There are "Eve's Tips" throughout the book which include alternate remedies. Eyes, nose, double chin, circles under the eyes, whatever, Eve covers (literally) them all with subtle tricks of her trade. Now we can try them out too - much cheaper and virtually risk-free compared to plastic surgery - and with practice, we can also look refreshed and boost our self-confidence. Look at the section on cleavage! Now we know all the "Hollywood" makeup secrets, we can try and improve our own canvases. Fun. Conclusion - No woman concerned about her looks should be without this useful book.


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