Eve Pearl Makes You Look and Feel Good About Yourself

By: Eve Pearl

Well it’s finally coming true, the Times Square Chronicles will be getting it’s own TV Show called the Times Square Beat. We will begin airing on May 4th and I am one of the hosts. Deep down I was terrified, even though my back ground is more theatre, film and TV. The reason why is we live in an age where youth and beauty dictate our lives. Thanks to a series of incidents, I had lost the confidence of what I know and who I was. When I tell people this they are shocked because I never let it show. Like I said I started out as an actress.

In 2008 I slipped and fell at Duane Reade and walked out of my body. I know that sounds unreal, but it is the truth. The day after I fell I looked in the mirror and I did not know who I was. The year before my thyroid had failed so I had already put on more pounds than I wanted. That fall at Duane Reade finished off what my thyroid had started. No matter what I ate I ballooned. My face just wasn’t my face, it turns out that some of the puffiness was that my kidney was damaged in the process and they were failing.

I state all this because we all have reasons why we do not feel confident in facing the world. Whether we admit it or not, if we o not feel good about the way we look, we do not accomplish our best. How fabulous would it be to step out of the superficial critic and start to think of others and not how we look?

What finally pushed me to do something about this issue was when I went and interviewed Herb Alpert. I was sick (no excuse) so I sweated off all the make-up I had on. My hair matted to my head and I bloated and wore the wrong outfit. When I saw the video I was mortified. I had a choice to be self conscious or put up the video up which I had promised to the publicist. Despite my look the interview was interesting and Mr. Alpert deserved to have the interviewed aired. I bit the bullet and decided to do something about how horrid I had looked.

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