101 - Foundation Brush

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This Professional, full size, tapered, oval synthetic brush is made for an easy application of cream/liquid foundations, concealer or cream blush.

SMILE with Eve Pearl


Your face shape, undertone, discoloration or age is not an issue.

Achieve a flawless complexion, defined cheekbones and the appearance of a lifting effect in 2-easy steps.

Step 1:While smiling, apply Side 1 (the lighter side of the foundation) below the cheeks (above the jawline) and eyelids.

Step 2:While smiling, apply Side 2 (the darker side of the foundation) to cheek, forehead, nose, chin and anywhere there is redness, discoloration or need extra coverage.

Blend together to achieve a smooth, flawless complexion with contours and definition.

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  • bhavna 11-25-2014 01:29 PM
    By far the softest and most efficient foundation brush i have ever used!
  • Ms. Wai Ming Siu 02-01-2010 01:52 PM
    This brush works well in applying foundation and all other creams, whether it be Eve Pearls' cream blush or your daily moisturizer. It provides a nice, even coverage and feels like heaven on your face :)