121 - Angled Blender Brush

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Introducing Brushes with Purpose! The 121-Angled Blender will allow you to apply and smooth all in one.  By using Eve’s simple “Reverse Contouring” application, you will get flawless results and a contour definition finish.

  • High performance multi-functional brush

  • Ergonomically designed for precise application, easy contouring and smooth blending.

  • 100% Animal Free synthetic micro silk fibers are antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

  • Specially shaped brush is specifically designed to work with the curves of your face as you SMILE creating contours and balanced coverage.

  • The angled dimensions and flat surface of the Blender brush are designed to get every crease and curve with ease.

  • The dense micro silk fibers smoothly glide across the face to provide fast, flawless coverage.

  • Pick up more color, apply and contour with precision, seamlessly blend to a flawless finish and do it all in less time.

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