Weddings/Bridal Beauty Tips

Every Bride wants to look exceptionally beautiful on her wedding day, as she should. The Eve Pearl method of makeup application creates a look that enhances your own natural features, hides the imperfections, and lets you feel like yourself. You want to look naturally beautiful and you want to make sure your makeup lasts throughout the day into the evening.

Professional makeup application is essential in creating a flawless face. Most Brides have envisioned the look they want to achieve for their wedding day but are not aware of how quality products and precision application will ensure their makeup withstands weather and time, and are enhanced, not drowned out, by professional lighting for print and video photography. It's your big day and you should enjoy it. Let yourself be pampered and treated like, well yes, a Princess. Let our trained makeup artists be sure that the professional application compliments every aspect of your event.

Another important step in creating the flawless look for your wedding that is most often overlooked is making sure that your bridal party (Mom, Grandma, Bridesmaids and Groom included) all have a seamless look. All too often we're hired to work on the Bride only, and sure enough, one of the bridesmaids out does herself in the makeup department, and "negatively" stands out in the group. Or the groom's shiny forehead (which our makeup artists can easily eliminate) becomes the highlight in every photo. Maintaining a similar look and color throughout makes the overall effect exceptional.

The EVE PEARL Specialties:

  • The EVE PEARL Flawless Face: A natural look that enhances your inner beauty with long lasting wear.

  • The EVE PEARL method of False Eyelash application. When applied using the EVE PEARL method your eyes will pop and your natural lashes will be enhanced.

  • The EVE PEARL Color Correction: matching your face to body to ensure a complete look.

  • Eyebrow shaping and maintenance: ensures the perfect shape using our tri-fold eyebrow razor to avoid irritation.

More Tips:

  • In order to avoid any mishaps or skin irritations, eliminate beauty treatments such as eyebrow waxing or facials a full week or two before your wedding.

  • Be sure to begin your wedding day makeup application with a clean face.

  • If you are getting married in warm weather please be sure to wear sunscreen and be aware of your tan lines. Avoid getting sunburned, sun poisoning and sun damage before and on your wedding day.

  • If your going to apply self tanners, make sure you do it within the amount of days the tan will last. Be sure to exfoliate before applying the self tanner and be careful not to get streaking. Don't forget to wash the areas between your fingers after the application.

  • Schedule the wedding morning appropriately, so that you have more than enough time for makeup and hair for not only yourself, but your bridal party. Try to get your manicure/pedicure a day before your wedding.

  • Try not to get over stressed and anxious right before the wedding day. We know it's easier said than done, but keep in mind that stress triggers hormones and has a tendency to cause those nasty breakouts. If you feel a breakout emerging, try using gentle acne treatments on the area. If the problem persists, see a dermatologist immediately.

  • To diminish a red blemish on the wedding day, freeze eye drops on a tea spoon. When the liquid turns into ice, place it directly on the blemish. The cold will help shrink the swelling and the eye drops will take away the redness.

  • Exfoliate your lips a couple of days before your wedding day by using a tooth brush and some Vaseline. This will increase circulation and plump up your lips.

  • Be aware that rough massages before the wedding day may leave marks on your body.

  • Always remember that any unwanted scars, tattoos, and/or bruises can easily be covered up. Be sure let us know at the time of your trial.