The Eve Pearl Method: Reverse Contouring

Your face shape, undertone, discoloration or age is not an issue.

Achieve a flawless complexion, defined cheekbones and the appearance of a lifting effect in 2-easy steps.

Step 1 :

While smiling, apply Side 1 (the lighter side of the foundation) below the cheeks (above the jawline) and eyelids.

Step 2 :

While smiling, apply Side 2 (the darker side of the foundation) to cheek, forehead, nose, chin and anywhere there is redness, discoloration or need extra coverage.

Blend together to achieve a smooth, flawless complexion with contours and definition. Apply and blend with a brush, sponge or fingers.

Tip:  The more damp the sponge, the more sheer the coverage of your foundation.