How to use The Flawless Face Palette

Enhance your natural beauty in a few simple steps:


Define your cheek bones and achieve a flawless finish with The Eve Pearl Method: Reverse Contouring.

  • Apply lighter foundation (#1) on your eyelids, below your cheeks (above your jawline) and around your lips.
  • Apply darker foundation (#2) on your cheeks, chin, nose, forehead and/or anywhere you have redness, discoloration or need extra coverage.

Eve’s Tips: Use the EP #118 Foundation Blender or #119 Foundation/Blush Blender Brush to apply your foundation for a quick all over sheer finish.


Neutralize dark under eye circles with Concealers (#5) or (#6). Can also be used to hide blemishes.

Eve’s Tips: The darker your under eye circles, the darker the concealer you should use to cover any blue/purple hues. Apply using the #120 Contour/Highlight Blender Brush.


Use the Cream blush (#7) for a fresh, natural glow. Silky texture that blends easily onto the skin. Dab onto the apples of your cheeks.

Eve’s Tips: Blend with the EP #119 Foundation/Blush Blender or the #120 Contour/Highlight Blender Brush. Dip brush into Cream blush (#7), smile and swirl on to apples of the cheeks. A little goes a long way.

Mattifier (#3) will help minimize shine for a matte finish. Can be used as an eye base.

Eve’s Tips: The EP #118 Foundation Blender or the EP #119 Foundation/Blush Blender brush will help give an even application. Dip brush into Mattifier (#3) and swirl brush on the forehead, nose, and wherever needed to eliminate shine.

Illuminator (#4) gives your skin a healthy, dewy look.

Eve’s Tips: Use the EP #120 Contour/Highlight Blender Brush to apply the Illuminator (#4) on your eyes, cheeks or décolletage.