• At one time or another, most of us have experienced hickies, bruises, cuts or burns. The method to cover up the tattoos works the same way to cover up all the above. The shades might change depending on the stage of the bruise or hickey.

  • Bumps and breakouts on the skin (back/arms/body): Most of us take care of our face with cleansers and moisturizers yet totally neglect our body. Take the time in the shower to gently exfoliate with a loofah or a washcloth on your body. Try some Epsom salts in the bath, which can be used to exfoliate with a washcloth. Apply a body oil or moisturizer to your body before you completely dry off. (This will also help self-tanners go on much smoother.)

  • Veins running across the legs or arms can also be covered the same way as the spots and the tattoos. Self-tanners will help hide the bluish veins on the body.

  • Use a Pumice stone in the bath or shower to keep your feet smooth. They need moisturizing as well.

  • Get a pedicure every once and a while. If you can’t go to a professional, do it yourself.

  • Have a professional massage every now and then. It’s great for circulation as well as reducing stress.

  • Chubs baby wipes are alcohol free and Hypoallergenic. They are great to remove makeup stains from clothes and it dries pretty quickly. This is one of the best things I learned on TV and movie sets. These wipes will actually remove most stains (i.e. deodorant, food, etc.) – I can’t live without them.

  • If you get a sunburn, take aspirin ASAP to reduce blood flow to the irritated area, and then apply aloe vera gel to sooth the skin.