Additional Tips to Remember

  • Once thought of as cakey and heavy, powder is now used to set and maintain the foundation. It can be applied quite sheer and look very translucent. Applied with a powder puff, powder secures the foundation; applied with a brush, powder gives a slight sheer finish. It will keep your foundation in place and help it last longer and not get on your clothes or his.

  • To prevent the mascara from clumping, dab a tissue around the wand and remove excess color prior to applying.

  • Avoid pumping the mascara brush in and out of the tube. This will only let air into the tube and dry out the mascara. Try rotating the wand in a circular motion and pulling it out.

  • Powder has many purposes. Consider these effects of powder: Apply loosely under the eyes to catch any loose eye makeup that might scatter during the eye makeup application. When completing the eyes, don't forget to dust off any remains.

    Set lipstick in place and prevent feathering and lipstick bleeding.
    Use on scalp to help dry up excess oils.
    Use on scalp to fill in areas with not enough hair and even to cover up premature roots from appearing.
    Powder over foundation will keep the makeup in place and much longer.
    MYTH: Powder will accentuate the lines and look cakey around the eyes.
    MYTH BUSTER: Actually, powder applied with a puff or lightly dusted with a brush will soften the look, eliminate a shine from the concealer/foundation and keep any concealer/foundation from creasing and forming those lines around the eyes.