Define Your Cheekbones and Hide that Double Chin


Contouring techniques using foundation can make your face look a bit more chiseled and bring out those beautiful cheek bones.  The key to contouring is using dark and light shades strategically placed to accentuate and create a 3D type of effect. 

Simply apply a darker shade of foundation to your cheek area and a lighter Simple shade below the cheek bone down to your jaw line.  The way to find the correct spot to place that shading is by sucking in your cheeks.  This will instantly give your face a lift. 

To take it a step further, you can also apply the darker shade of foundation around the jaw line going back towards your ears. 

Be sure to blend it in towards your neck so you don’t create the look of a beard. You can also soften this up with a light application of blush on your cheeks and around the jaw line.  And for an instant face lift, apply the blush a bit higher than your cheeks up towards your eyes. 

For ease of application, I use the EVE PEARL HD 40:60 Dual Foundation and Blush Trios.