Applying False Lashes

Applying false lashes is usually the last step in making up the eyes. This is, as I like to call it "The Eve Pearl Method". (Your own lashes should be naked - no mascara, no curl, just clean).

Using tweezers, grab the faux lash from the outer edge of the base to remove it from the container. Measure the faux lash to your own lashes, keeping in mind that it's better to have them too short than too long. (Very few people have eyes that will need the whole strip.)

Cut off the excess from the outside of the lash (cutting the inside part off will take away from the natural shorter curve of the lashes). Turn the adhesive upside down and allow a bit of the glue to come out of the opening. Move the fake lash across the glue back and forth several times, getting a tacky thick coating without overdoing it. While the adhesive is still wet (you have about 10-15 seconds) and while holding the lash with your tweezers, place the fake lash right in the middle of your eyelid, directly above your lash line (but not on your lashes).

With your fingers, press down the outer ends of the fake lash to secure it. Note: As they are drying, try to gently press with your fingers the top of the lashes and push them towards the eyelid, as though they have been curled up and away from your natural lashes. The lashes will look strange, but have faith!