NBC's "Today Show" - Makeup 101: Cheeks, Bronzers and Sun Protection

Makeup 101 with Eve Pearl: Summertime Cheeks, Bronzers and Sun Protection

Summer is finally here and we want to get that healthy bronzed glow.  Eve Pearl will show us the best ways to get kissed by the sun with some simple tricks of the trade in looking your best and protecting your skin.

Olive Complexion

If you’re someone who just wants to get that “kissed by the sun” fresh look this summer without using foundation, you can simply apply a tinted moisturizer.  Try to find a tinted moisturizer that doubles as an anti-aging skin treatment as well as offering sun protection.  This will give you that hint of color you’re looking for while keeping your skin looking smooth and matte (not shiny).  And remember, youneed to protect your skin at every age.  Then simply apply some bronzer on your face and you’re good to go!

Hint: When applying your blush/bronzer, try using a fan brush.  Lightly dust it across the blusher/bronzer andthen gently glide it across your own cheeks.  Make sure to stay on top ofthe apples of your cheeks.  You may even go above that area right under the eyes. This brush allows for complete control of placement.  And don’t forget, you want to look like you’ve been kissed by the sun, not attacked by the sun.  To ensure proper placement, be sure to avoid large thick brushes that do not give you any control and typically create clown-like circles. 

Uneven Complexion

Many women suffer from hyper pigmentation, skin discoloration, or sun spots.  These conditions can be caused by a variety of things such as your birth control pills, menopause, or you can simply be pre-disposed to it.  Regardless of the cause, women with uneven skin tend to find that their condition only worsens with the sun.  

In this situation I would recommend a bit more cover up and protection being sure to make your skin look smooth and flawless. Start by applying a Foundation with natural sun protection that also gives a smooth finish.  Ideally you should use a dual toned high definition foundation that will reactivate with water and double as a concealer.  This will ensure long lasting wear through the summer.  It’s important to use multi-functional products that are good for you skin. 

After applying the foundation and concealer, you should apply a blush/bronzer.  And here’s one of my tricks, I use the blush/bronzer as a setting powder as it’s just a powder with color that can be used to set your foundation and give you a natural healthy glow.  Also don’t be afraid to use your blush/bronzer on your eyelids, temples and chin.  And don’t forget the celebrity favorite; throw some color on your chest to highlight andenhance your cleavage. 

Fair Complexion

Those that have light alabaster skin can’t be sun worshipers, but still want to get some healthy color.  Unfortunately, sitting in the sun will most likely result in a red sun burn.  But don’t fret, you can still achieve that healthy sun kissed glow.  Start out by applying an Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer and then add an extra layer of a moisturizing foundation.  Depending on how much coverage you want, I typically use a damp sponge to allow the foundation to go on sheer.  Then I gently sweep a mixture of blush colors consisting of pink, peach and bronzer to the cheeks.   

Tips for maintaining a healthy glow all summer

  1. If your skin tends to be oily or shiny, try using an Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel.  It acts almost like an antiperspirant for your face.  Sounds weird, but it works.
  2. If all you have is your lip-gloss, dab some of the gloss on your lips, and also use some onyour cheeks and eyelids.   
  3. Mix yourblush/bronzer with baby oil or Vaseline to create a gel for your lips, cheeks and eyes. 
  4. If  you don’t like the smell of your self tanner or feel that too much color comes out, dilute it with your favorite pleasant smelling moisturizer.
  5. If you want to achieve a full body shimmer, take a shimmer powder and mix it with your favorite moisturizer.  It will give you a shimmer effect without breaking your wallet.
Bottom line is you don’t always have to bake in thesun to achieve a beautiful sun kissed glow. So go into that makeup drawer of yours today and have fun!