IMATS - Toronto

Saturday, November 21, 2009

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

The Flawless Bride: From Natural Looks to Hollywood Glamour

This workshop focuses on the bride and wedding party, paying special attention to skin tone, color theory, and the EVE PEARL® technique. In addition to showing necessary steps and products, you will learn essential beauty secrets, including the EVE PEARL® special method of applying eye lashes (a must see), creating a natural “face-lift”, remedies for dark circles, blemishes, tattoos, scars and more. Other discussion topics will include how to coordinate a bridal trial, book the job and create a bridal contract, as well as what to charge for services. You will learn proper preparation for the wedding day and organizational skills for an effective make-up station. The demonstration will show how to achieve a long-lasting flawless finish look ideal for photography and videography all while teaching how to work with all skin tones by matching foundation and concealer and choosing eye, cheek and lip colors. You will also learn step-by-step corrective make-up techniques for difficult situations. And lastly, learn how to advertise and promote your services to brides using networking and other necessary business tools.