Hands On Workhop - HD Beauty 1:00 - 4:00 PM $150

HIGH DEFINITION BEAUTY: For Every Complexion and All Ages

This workshop with Eve Pearl, the innovator of High Definition Beauty, is a perfect way to learn how to achieve strong, clean and gorgeous makeup. In addition to being a 5-time Emmy award winner and author, Eve has taken shows at ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX and QVC into the HD revolution. She will discuss products and professional techniques ideal for High Definition cameras and lighting all while showing you how to correct imperfections and give your client’s skin a flawless finish. Most importantly, you will learn how to work with ALL skin tones; matching foundation and concealer, and choosing eye, cheek and lip colors beneficial for HD. Also, she will demonstrate her special method of applying eye lashes, how to create a natural “face-lift”, and remedies for dark circles, blemishes, tattoos, and scars. Having the ability to apply durable beauty makeup that stays true through a 12 hour production schedule or a long wedding gives you a distinct edge in a very competitive work environment. If you are interested in working within production or working with a bride that needs to look fantastic from the first picture of the day to the very last one, this workshop will shed light on one of the most talked about areas of makeup and how to utilize these techniques into your work everyday.