What's in Paulina Elor's makeup kit?


Ever wonder what is in a makeup artist's personal makeup bag?   What goodies there are inside and what can we learn from what's inside, after all, they are the experts!  We spoke to Paulina Elor, partner of Wink Makeup Academy and makeup artist extraodinaire for a sneak peak into her personal makeup moment! Here's what we found and what Paulina had to tell us about what's in her bag!

Evgeny Cosmetics KISSETTE Brush Set is to die for! I love these brushes! They blend out my makeup
applications beautifully with minimal effort of course!

N&N Zerva Cosmetics, Silky Touch Liquid Foundation is so amazing for my skin! It glides on effortlessly and evenly and conceals all of my imperfections along the way. It dries quickly, it’s waterproof and super long lasting! But if you want to find it, you’ll have to make a little trip to Greece.

Kett Translucent Loose Powder is my absolute must have for setting my makeup as it keeps everything in place!

Nars Laguna Bronzer has forever been my perfect shade of bronze. It’s not to red, orange or muddy brown. I get a radiant, golden glow from this bronzer.

Nars Zen Blush is my go to, for contour, shade and cheek colour

Eve Pearl Black Liquid Liner is by far the best liquid liner I’ve ever used! It just doesn’t move! The precision on this tip is just right for creating the perfect black winged liner!

Embryolisse 24 hr miracle cream is a moisturizer and primer in one! It allows for a smooth makeup application and a well hydrated complexion. Great for sensitive skin... I know because I have it.
Embryolisse in Canada on

N&N Zerva Black Mascara is my absolute fave! This formula is so gentle on my lashes and adds volume and length for a smooth, clump free look. It is water resistant too!

Nars Striptease Lip Gloss is the perfect nude. It can mix with any of my other lip colours.

That’s it girls there you have it... some of my favorite beauty essentials. Stay tuned for our next article featuring some of Georgia’s favorite goodies that she likes to carry around, this time of year.

Georgia, Paulina and Vicky are partners of Wink Makeup Academy. Read Bio.



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