The world is your oyster if you can find the perfect "pearl": Eve Pearl Cosmetics

  By: Eve Pearl

Behind every beautiful celebrity, is an even more talented makeup artist who can turn an ordinary canvas into a Monet with the right combination of tools and technique. For every successful makeup artist in Hollywood, there are hundreds who are forced to moonlight at Starbucks as the competition sucks them dry. It takes more than luck and the right connections to create a name for oneself in the makeup industry. At some point, sheer talent must win over and even more so if an artist dares to create his/her own line where cosmetic companies are folding like an old deck of cards in an Indian casino. Eve Pearl is one such case of an artist who has not only made it in her craft but has went on to create a line of stunning products as well as publish a book. We haven’t seen this since the days of Kevin Aucoin may he rest in peace. Eve Pearl is a five time Emmy Award winning celebrity makeup artist and the author of “Plastic Surgery without the Surgery, the Miracle of Makeup Techniques”. She is currently the personal Makeup Artist to Meredith Vieira with NBC's Today show and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Eve's success is propelled by her wealth of energy, talent, creativity and skills. She has the ability to create the grand illusion, enhance natural beauty and create a masterpiece for the people with whom she has worked. This includes celebrities, brides and anyone who wants to bring out the best in their features.

Eve’s new premium product line eponymously called "Eve Pearl” is comprised of unique formulations of foundation and concealer trios, as well as her capstone product, the famous “Salmon Concealer”. Her products also include a cadre of stunning eye shadows and lip glosses. According to Eve Pearl, achieving the "Pearl Effect" is all about bringing out the beauty from within to enhance how we look and feel about ourselves. Feeling confident is one thing but it always helps to have an arsenal of fantastic products to work with. Among the “must haves” of Eve Pearl’s line are the following treats:

Salmon Concealer® & Treatment-$35

Ideal for your makeup bag, travel and those on the go, this lightweight creamy concealer can be applied with your fingers, a brush or a sponge and is available in light, medium or dark. Eliminating dark circles is always a challenge yet this revolutionizing the use of the “Salmon” or pinky/peach color as an under eye concealer effectively neutralizes the dark blue undertones from the skin. This luxurious silky cream provides full coverage with a non-greasy texture that glides on smooth to the most delicate area of your face. Moreover, it offers the advantages of the powerful anti-oxidant, AstaReal®/Astaxanthin - a key ingredient in the CosmeNutrient® Complex. This concealer is ideal for use when flawless precision is required with High Definition cameras and works just as well in “real life”. Also, it is a good choice for sensitive skin as it won’t cause breakouts or allergic reactions. 

Pearlicious Lip Gloss in “Climax”-$20

This gorgeous shade of pink/bronze provides fresh color and a smooth glide. The delicious and non-sticky texture provides a slip that feels fresh and moist on your lips. Further, the pearl shine will hydrate and nourish, giving the appearance of fuller, smoother and healthier looking lips. This shade is a great choice for all skin tones as the bronze shimmer flatters from the fairest to the darkest of complexions.

The Eye Palette - Diamond Eyes-$40

It is no wonder that this palette of six stunning shades is called “Diamond Eyes". This combination of silvers, golds and navy hues will transform the most ordinary orbs to the most pearlicious poppers! While the darker shades may be a bit dramatic for a daytime look, the gold and silver can work for daytime as an allover lid color combined with the use of the navy shade wet to serve as an eyeliner. These shades can be applied with sponge tip applicator or with Eve Pearl brushes. The rich textured formula blends perfectly on your skin for long lasting wear.

While we may have to be selected to appear as finalists on Millionaire to take advantage of Eve Pearl’s on site services, we can always look like a million bucks with her fantastic products! The Eve Pearl line is available at: and for those in Southern California at Naimes Beauty Center located at: 12640 Riverside Dr. in Valley Village. For store hours call: (818) 665-9933 



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