Thank you Brianne!

  By: Eve Pearl
I can't remember how I found out about it, but several years ago I started using Eve Pearl's Salmon Concealer. I have had VERY DARK circles around my eyes - and I mean the entire eye, for about twenty years. Eve's salmon concealer is the ONLY concealer I will ever buy again. Period.

While I use other Eve Pearl products, what I also really want to write about is the quality customer service. Not only are my questions always answered, they are often, surprisingly, answered by Eve herself! Imagine that! And, she is always, always generous and thoughtful in her responses. Additionally, last year I had an issue with the fan brush breaking. It was replaced, but that one broke, too. Rather than bother, I just let it go. Not a big deal. Recently, when I asked Eve (in one of a couple e mails back and forth about products I was about to buy )if the fan brush had improved, and my experience of it, she immediately told me it would be replaced. And, it was. This is truly exceptional customer service. I get that Eve really does care. As a result, she has my business for life.

P.S. She suggested I try the Priming Moisturizer with Astaxanthin, that I would love it. So, I bought it and she's right: it's great. I rarely wear foundation, but my concealer looks even better now! Thank you Eve!



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