Subject Matter: Retouching

  By: Cris Jenkins, EP Pro Team

We've rolled out our "un-retouched" images across our social media platforms, the G-Tron in Times Square, our advertisements on TV and used them for public appearances.  The response has been great!  We are proud that our products can be presented to the world as they truly are. 

Just on the heels of the "un-retouched" stance, comes Lorde's tweet stating her position about this very topic.  She described two photos snapped of her at one show, in one day and the differences of her skin naturally and retouched.  We appreciate being able to offer high-quality products that deliver. We want our products to give each person confidence that they can rely on our brands to deliver a flawless appearance.  Yes, that flawless look is attainable without expensive retouching.
Where do you stand? 
What are your thoughts on retouching?  Please share them in the comments section, we would like to hear your feedback. 




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