Product Review HD Cream Blush Ruby


Here is what I love about this product:
1. Two taps of the brush are enough to get product sufficient for the whole cheek. It is insanely pigmented, but the pigment is not too bright.
2. The color blends out gorgeously and smoothly and is a completely natural-looking flush that can blend with either cool-toned or warm-toned makeup. It leans cool when I wear it with cool shadows and lippies, and warm when I pair it with bronzes and golds.
3. It looks five hundred percent natural, even though I committed the cardinal sin of using a blush not specifically targeted to my skin tone.
4. It wears beautifully and lasts all day.
5. It is creamy and blendable and not at all sticky, tacky, gloppy, patchy, or any of the other things people don’t like about cream blush.
Here is what I don’t love about this product:

Seriously, I cannot recommend this product highly enough. The only problem with it is that you don’t get so much for the money: it’s $22 for 3.5 g. However, there are other products both better and worse than this: Stila CCs are $25 for 4.25 g, but Becca creme blushes are $30 for 3 g.
The next time she has a sale, I’ll definitely be picking up the “Rosy” shade; the “Toffee” looks quite a bit too dark for me but would be gorgeous on darker-skinned women.
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