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  By: Eve Pearl

With the launch of an already best-selling book "Going Rogue", Sarah Palin is on a full-time media/campaign blitz. She first appeared with Oprah and then Barbara Walters. I am certain there's a long list of additional appearances to follow. Personally, I keep waiting for Tina Fey to appear and do an SNL skit.

With Sarah Palin mania upon us, we can be assured that just about every news, cable, internet and magazine show will be replaying snippets of Sarah Palin interviews past and present. As a makeup artist who primarily works on high profile women in media, naturally one of the things that fascinates me most about Sarah Palin is her makeup. Recently there's been a lot of buzz surrounding 1) How much Sarah Palin's makeup artist is compensated and 2) Sarah Palin's actual makeup look.

To the first point, Sarah Palin's makeup artist is rumored to have made over $22,000 in a two week span. My initial reaction to the makeup artist's five figure paycheck is "You go girl!". God bless any professional member of my artist community who swings a gig that sweet...several of my associates would like to assist!

As for Sarah Palin's actual makeup look, never have I seen such scrutiny and upheaval over a past, present or future vice presidential or presidential candidate's makeup. The closest comparison that comes to mind is the obsession the media once had with Hillary Clinton's pant suits. Poor Hillary was relentlessly grilled for her petite proportioned pants!

I'd like to go on the record stating that I think Sarah Palin is a beautiful woman (and I don't mean for her age...for any age). In preparing to write this article I reached out to some of my industry buddies for their take on Sarah Palin's makeup. Most of their comments fell into the following themes:

• Makeup seems a bit dated, i.e. heavy-handed blush application à la 80's contouring.

• Eye liner appears a tad too thick and reminiscent of the 60's.

• Face looks quite smooth, but neck seems a bit ruddy (Note to those on TV or photo shoots: When smoothing out your client's face, always match the neck/chest/décolletage area).

• General "airline attendant" look. The implication here is that the look is stiff and cookie cutter with no variation.

The comments go on and on but you basically get the gist. Most individuals in the public arena go through an image evolution. I'm certain if you take anyone in the public eye and turn back time several years, you will see many changes.

Let's face it, who are we kidding? Everyone tries their best to use their personal appearance and body language to represent the message they are trying to convey. What do you think Condoleezza Rice's red lipstick and flipped hair are saying? How about Hillary Clinton's short coiffe and no-nonsense pant suits? What do you think Nancy Pelosi's lack of facial movement is trying to convey? Or even Olympia Snowe's black hair coloring and hair pinned up without much else? Don't get me started...

Personally, I like Sarah Palin's smooth skin, natural-looking glossy lips, glasses, and overall makeup. And the blush, well OK, the blush can be toned down a bit and and moved a smidge higher to diffuse the obvious contouring effect. But overall, if you're going to look for things to not like about the lady, find something other than her rouge and eye liner. You're simply barking up the wrong cosmetics counter. As a mother of five in her mid-40's, from where I sit Mrs. Sarah Palin is looking pretty darn good!



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