BEAUTY FORECASTING 2014 - CEW Insider's Choice Awards Demo

  By: Cris Jenkins, EP Pro Team
We enjoyed the celebration of the CEW’s 20th year of the Insider’s Choice Awards Demo, March 5th.  We got to hear Carlotta Jacobsen, President of CEW beauty forecast for 2014 and announce Meredith Corporation’s partnership with CEW in an effort to reach consumers of Meredith's media platforms in TV, digital and print.  The partnership will  marry CEW Beauty Awards with Meredith's Beauty Center of Excellence.

Later we walked the Iconic Beauty Awards wall display and saw nostalgic products like Vaseline petroleum jelly,  Oil of Olay cream, Palmers Coco butter formula, Ambi Fade Cream that are all still relevant in 2014.  Seeing these gems inspired us to keep making great products that relate to the real concerns of women and men, this will always keep us on trend. 



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