Our Salmon Concealer Makes Grace's Top Ten List!

  By: Grace Chun

Best of 2010: Beauty Guide
I know 2010 came to an end 2 weeks ago .. but I thought it would be appropriate (not to mention highly requested) to list my top ten beauty products of 2010. I couldn’t find it in me to rank them since I love them all so dearly, so I’ll just list them A-J, Enjoy!

A. Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre
This is a favorite amongst makeup artists for its multi-purpose functionality (moisturizer, primer, spot cleanser). Both my clients and I love the soothing scent and creamy texture.

B. Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish
My 2010’s Find of the Year Award winner! The texture is exquisite and the effects of the powder is every girl’s dream. Airbrush finish, healthy glow, all while decreasing the appearance of wrinkles? Yes, please! Diamond Perfect Finish is hands down a girl’s best friend ;)

C. Purely Cosmetics Pure Silk Powder
The overlooked sister of Purely Cosmetic’s Diamond Perfect Finish. I was lucky enough to give this product a try during the summer months and immediately fell in love. I use the pure silk powder as a primer and due to its ability to absorb or release moisture according to temperature and humidity, it keeps my face matte throughout the day without that super dry feeling. It absorbs excess oils, reflects UV rays, and contains 18 essential oils. Need I say more? Combine the two and you have yourself a winning combination. 

D. Lash Royalty false lashes
False lashes are the key element to adding that extra oomph to a look, but they do come at a price. A price of $3 a pair (on average) for single use lashes to be exact--it can definitely add up. Enter Lash Royalty. While the lashes are $15 a pair, they are high quality and reusable. I’ve used my current pair 7 times so far and they’re still in good condition ready for a few more wears ... totally worth the investment!

E. Eve Pearl HD Salmon Concealer
Suffer from dark under eye circles? Fret no more! Eve Pearl's Salmon Concealer is not just the perfect salmon tone ready to neutralize the blueness under your eyes ... the ingredients within the product will also treat your dark circles over time! Double win!

F. MAC Vanilla Pigment
An oldie but a goodie. Vanilla pigment is a staple to my daily makeup routine. From highlighting the brow bone and cheek bones or giving my foundation an extra sheen to my face ... Vanilla pigment is definitely an essential element to both my personal and professional kit. 

G. Milani nail polish
Better known for their makeup ... Milani brand nail polishes have quickly topped my list of favorite formulations. While China Glaze, Zoya, OPI, Sally Hansen are the more recognized brands ... I find myself reaching for my Milani polishes far more than any other brand I own. Whether it's the opaque coloring, or the smooth application the brush allows ... I can't get enough of them and can't wait to add more Milani polishes to my collection. 

H. Best Bath Store's Acne Bar Soap
Easily the product I recommend the most to my clients. This bar soap has done wonders for my skin as well as the clients I've recommended this to. It's amazing what a week of washing your face with this soap can do for you!

I. OCC Lip Tars – NSFW, Feather, Tarred
A cult favorite amongst makeup artists everywhere. This opaque lipstick in a lipgloss form has been mentioned in almost every beauty blog out there! The tiniest bit goes a long way and the color payoff is like no other. 

J. Shu Uemura lash curler
If you love makeup -- then you've heard of the Shu Uemura lash curler. It's been top of my list for years and 2010 is no exception. If you have short, straight lashes like I do give the Shu Uemura lash curler a try--I guarantee you won't look back.



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