My EVE PEARL® Must Haves....

  By: Eve Pearl


This blog entry pertains to the Makeup Professionals as well as women who seek a unique, upscale line of makeup with skincare. "Makeup with skincare for every complexion" is the signature statement for the EVE PEARL(R) brand. The name behind the makeup and brand that has come so far because the products are no fuss and in a class of its own.  I have to admit its quite difficult to choose favorites because the line is so well done. From brushes to makeup travel bags to the quality of cosmetics,  all of it is prime. I am proud to be an associate of the company and a friend to Eve.

Smudgeproof Liquid Eyeliner - I DO NOT leave my house without this liquid eyeliner. It's highly saturated in dark black pigment, the tapered brush at the end is super precise. Whether you prefer a thin or thicker line for that gorgeous pin-up look or just a sophisticated, everyday lined look use this liner. It won't smudge or move for the entire day. If you prefer to create a pin-up look it can be done in an instant without fail. This precise smudgeproof liquid eyeliner is $29.00 and worth every dollar. It will not dry out like many liquid eyeliners do and wont budge, you can layer on top of it with a color for longevity, so it creates a lovely base. I highly recommend this black magic pen. Oh and it washes off easily, be careful no tugging on the peepers!

Priming Moisturizer Treatment with Astaxanthin- this primer/moisturizer evens out the skin, mattifies and creates a weightless layer that feels like absolutely nothing is on the skin. It does not have that silicone-yish like feeling/texture like some competitive primers on the market. It dissipates into the skin perfectly, creating a fearless canvas, ready for any maquillage. This primer will run you $42.00 and all you need is a dab all over the face. TIP: Use fingers or a sponge to apply.  It is packed with Astaxanthin/Astareal(R)- antioxidant 500X stronger than Vitamin E and Omega-3's which as most know is a must for skin clarity. It also happens to provide a layer to protect from sun damage and helps with skin's elasticity.  I refer to it as the "skin perfector" , it can be used over and under makeup,  great to carry in your kit or purse.  Run some of this treatment under your eye area for a mid-day pick me up with a sponge to collect any fall out. You will feel the eye area slightly tighten due to the ingredients working their magic but if you follow with the Salmon Concealer (R) and Treatment you will really look like you've slept 10 hours even though you really didn't. You ladies know what I mean!! Especially the hard working mothers out there.  We will return to the company's signature product-the salmon concealer-later in this post. This moisturizer has done wonders for my skin, especially in terms of Acne. It has evened out my skin tone and I rarely see a pimple. This is a makeup-ista must have!!

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