Must Have: Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer & Treatment…


If you don’t know about Eve....peep the resume, she is currently working on the Today Show as Meredith Viera’s personal makeup artist.  ANYWAY.....I had the pleasure of meeting Eve and having her “beat my face” (YES, I sat in the makeup chair) as she worked her magic, she explained how her products were like, “skincare with color” a concept I loved.  As she worked...I was curious as she was using darker colors than I was accustomed to.  I was convinced that it was going to look too dark (you know how picky I am LOL) but I kept my mouth shut and let her work.  Boy was i surprised.....I instantly fell in LOVE with several products, one of which is the Salmon Concealer & Treatment.  While she was talking she brushed on what felt light as air (you know how I feel about things feeling heavy or cakey!) and after she did ONE eye I looked in the mirror and was FLOORED.  There was a distinct difference in the under eye area one side looked refreshed and the other looked pretty sad in comparison.  Eve chose a color for me that I normally would not have chosen (it looked dark to me, so I was giving her the side eye....LOL) but she says the concealer should be closer to your skin color to avoid that raccoon look.



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