Trends in Makeup, 3-D Makeup?

  By: Cris Jenkins, EP Pro Team   /   File: Mink.JPG

The Today Show aired a new product invention by Harvard student Grace Choi.  The product is called Mink, a personal 3-D printer for customized cosmetics.  Choi featured her invention at Tech Crunch's Disrupt Startup Battlefield Competition in New York earlier this month and after the demo it was said to "bring down the beauty industry."  The new invention prints out FDA-approved pigment on color-less raw materials used for makeup.  Choi told TODAY SHOW, "It not only unlocks every image but it unlocks every pixel."  Eve was asked to offer her expert opinion on the new product.  She commented:  "...there's a lot more to the business than pigment.  If I wanted to have the eye shadow that Angelina Jolie is wearing, I might get the same exact color.  But the quality of the makeup, what it feels like and how easily it's applied, could be far less fantastic than whatever Angelina's got on. "  We'd like to know what your thoughts are.  Makeup as easy sending a color to a printer?  Leave your comments in the comment section.  Interview video featured below:









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