NBC's "Today Show" - Lose 10 lbs. and 10 years!!

  By: Eve Pearl

Today’s women deserve to look and feel their absolute best at every age.  And in this challenging economic time more women are learning skills to help them get ahead, but rarely do they seek ways to achieve a visual competitive edge.  Five-time Emmy award  winning celebrity makeup artist, Eve Pearl, shows you how to look 10 pounds thinner and 10 years younger with her simple yet effective makeup techniques.  You never know, a more “polished” look may just give you that confidence boost to help you land that job, make that deal, or simply get your husband and kids to help out around the house.

Take Care of Your Skin

Everyone should of course pay very close attention to how they care for their skin.  Drink plenty of water, protect yourself from the sun, and moisturize daily.  Some tinted moisturizers also have natural sun blockers and treat your skin.  Try finding multi-functional cosmetics with skin care.  (EVE PEARL® Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer, $54.)

Define Your Cheekbones and Hide that Double Chin

Simple contouring techniques using foundation can make your face look a bit more chiseled and bring out those beautiful cheek bones.  The key to contouring is using dark and light shades strategically placed to accentuate and create a 3D type of effect.  Simply apply a darker shade of foundation to your cheek area and a lighter shade below the cheek bone down to your jawline.  The way to find the correct spot to place that shading is by smiling.  This will instantly give your face a lift.  To take it a step further, you can also apply the darker shade of foundation around the jaw line going back towards your ears.  Be sure to blend it in towards your neck so you don’t create the look of a beard.  You can also soften this up with a light application of blush on your cheeks and around the jaw line.  And for an instant face lift, apply the blush a bit higher than your cheeks up towards your eyes.  (EVE PEARL® HD Dual Foundation, $56.)

Hide Dark Under-Eye Circles

To eliminate the appearance of dark under eye circles, I use a salmon colored concealer.  The salmon shade will neutralize the blue and purple undertones of the under eye area and create the illusion that your under eye area is now the same color as the rest of your face.  DO NOT use a light yellow based concealer.  As in basic color theory,when you mix yellow and blue you will get green, the same goes for your makeup,if you try to cover up your under eye circles with a light yellow based concealer you will only be negatively enhancing this area by creating green or grey circles.  (EVE PEARL® Dual Salmon Concealer & Treatment, $39.)

Deemphasize Hollow Eyes

In order to deemphasize the appearance of hollow eyes, mix your blush colors of peach and pink with a bronzer and sparingly apply it from your cheeks all the way up to your eyes into the hollow area.  This will give you a smoother look and will divert attention from the hollows to your actual beautiful eyes. (EVE PEARL® Blush Trio, $36.) 

Bring Out Your Eyes

If you suffer from crow’s feet, use highlight shades on the outside of the eyes to open them up and eliminate the red in the crows feet.  Using jewel toned eye shadows will absolutely accentuate and bring out your eyes.  Don’t be afraid of using shimmers, but remember that shimmers are different from glitters.  Apply false lashes for extra oomph!  And don’t forget to shape your eyebrows.  A clean brow will always open up the eyes especially when you apply a matte shadow to the brow bone.  (EVE PEARL® Eye Pallets in 6 vibrant shades,$40.)

Liven Up Your Lips

Start by applying your favorite lip liner.  By lining your lips, you can create an entirely new shape and for those of you who need to create fuller lips apply your lip pencil just outside of your natural lip line.  Adding a lip gloss or lipstick will give you a moist, youthful look.  To prevent lipstick feathering, apply powder around the edges of your lips.  It will act as a border and keep your color from moving.  Nothing makes a woman look better than a genuine smile when she feels good about herself. (EVE PEARL® Kohl Lip Pencil in Cosmo, $22 and Kisses of Pearl Age Defying Lip Gloss, $26.)

Say Goodbye to Age and Sun Spots

They say your hands are the easiest way to give away a woman’s age.  So, if you have those sun/age spots, apply a tinted moisturizer or even some foundation. Dab it with a tissue or apply a makeup fixative to make it last longer and not get on your clothes. You can also apply a layer of foundation followed with powder and then dab a tissue to remove any excess.



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