Interview with Sam Fine in The Style Observer

  By: Eve Pearl
Get to know Sam Fine, one of the top celebrity makeup artist,  in this in-depth interview by Style Observer. If you are in Jamaica on Sept 10, be sure to stop by Permanent Cosmetics Studio for a workshop with Sam Fine!  Here is an read the rest click on the link below!

Style Observer: How has Sam Fine managed to remain at the top of his game in an environment that is so competitive?

Sam Fine: I don't see it as a competitive industry, I compete with myself... from that standpoint if I were to look at the competition that's out there then I'd see lack...I would see, for example, Halle Berry on a Vogue cover that I didn't do; work that I wasn't a part of and that really isn't part of my reality. My reality is what I bring to the game, how special and unique I am.

SO: You have long understood the dynamics of women of colour and as such were able to cross over. Long before it became the norm. Tell us about this.

SF: Having been in this industry for almost 20 years, I go almost anywhere my clients take me; there's no formula...when Queen Latifah did Covergirl, when Brandy did Covergirl, when Beyoncé did L'Oreal...I was lucky enough to be requested for those jobs, and few of us (make-up artists) have had the opportunity to work with such stellar celebs who will bring us along on their journey to even greater success. That's the reason I can do a DVD and make appearances in Jamaica... they have set the stage.



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