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  By: Eve Pearl

I don't think it's ever taken me this long to post a Beauty Press Spotlight Day recap, but I cannot begin to explain how insane my schedule really is lately. As usual, Beauty Press delivered a ton of great brands directly to us, which is great. Editors/Bloggers get a ton of event invites, and it's just not possible to attend them all, so going to an event where multiple brands come to you is just a no-brainer to begin with. It saves me a ton of time to meet 10 brands at once, and so far I've discovered a ton of new favorites this way as well.

Eve Pearl
 - is a 5-time Emmy Award winning celebrity Makeup Professional with over 18 years of experience in television, film, theatre and print. She also has the patience of a Saint. As I mentioned the event was held on a rainy and super humid day. Most everyone was mentioning how they were feeling sort of blah and while no one seemed to want to take pictures of themselves getting worked on, they were taking pictures of others instead which did NOT make me happy, it's a huge blogger pet peeve of mine in fact. In my opinion while at an event you shouldn't just take pictures of other bloggers and use them on your site. Granted sometimes you can't help it, you are trying to get a shot of a speaker and get people's heads, but that's not what I'm talking about, I'm talking about purposely snapping a direct on photo of someone who isn't purposely posing for it for you. We have no choice about the venue and event sponsor using our image, but the least we can do is respect one another!

You would think I was the celebrity because when I sat with Eve the amount of flashbulbs going off in my face was totally taking the fun out of the experience for me. And she picked up on that and asked people to stop taking pictures which I can't tell you how much I appreciate that she cared about me feeling comfortable. You can't quite feel 'beautiful' when you are feeling gawked at and super un-comfortable. And while I'm aware I'm probably the weirdest blogger on the planet in that I don't actually enjoy taking tons of pictures of myself or having my picture taken at all really, it really was taking away from the experience having everyone yelling which way to stare while trying to take in the invaluable tips and tricks she was giving me! The makeover she gave me was truly phenomenal, I actually hadn't experienced one that 'transformative' since my last one by Jane Iredale. Eve Pearl gave me a very subtle look that I really liked, it was transformative but in a way that didn't look put on, it was very natural and she was so nice that she really turned my day around! One of the products she used on me that day was the Dual Salmon Concealer Treatment (I am a 'Light/Medium'). I definitely LOVE this concealer. I rarely find one that is as effective as I'd like it to be with acne scarring and this one was fantastic! In fact here is my after picture with Eve:



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