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EVE PEARL TV Live & Interactive on

                             NEXT LIVE SHOW with CRYSTAL WRIGHT: Tuesday, October 19th 5 pm EST

Eve Pearl has been featured on endless television programs and as a beauty guru and makeup expert for years.  Eve’s mission has always been to educate and to empower women with her simple and effective makeup application techniques.  While her stints on TV and the web has enabled her to reach a worldwide audience, she’s yet to have the opportunity to interact with her followers live.  Until now, that is!  


We are so excited to be launching our new live programming on  This Thursday, September 23rd at 7:00pm EST/4:00pm PST, you’ll get the chance to not only view Eve Pearl TV live, but you’ll be able to interact with her instantaneously.  Eve and her team will be giving makeovers, beauty tips, and get this, you’ll be able to interact with them, share your thoughts and make your requests at the same time.   Now here’s the best part, they’ll be offering amazing Special Promotions during the live broadcast only!  That’s right, the special promotion will only be good during the broadcast and you won’t want to miss it!


And the interaction won’t stop when the program ends.  Each week, we’ll be announcing possible dates and times we’re considering airing the next live show, and you’ll be able to vote for the most convenient time for you.  You’ll also be able to send us your comments and requests for hot topics and makeup demonstrations.  And again, we cannot stress enough how important it is that you tune in, not only to gain Eve’s invaluable tips, but also to receive our weekly special promotion that will only be available during the live broadcast.


Thank you so much for signing up and for staying tuned.  The show is sure to please all.  We can’t wait to see you there!


Watch us on Eve Pearl TV Live & Interactive on USTREAM. 
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