EVE PEARL Smudgeproof Black Pearl Liquid Eyeliner *REVIEW*

  By: Crystal Strayer
Freelance makeup artist, Crystal Strayer, praises EVE PEARL's Smudgeproof Black Pearl Liquid Eyeliner:
"This long lasting liner has a uniquely tapered brush for a precise smudgeproof application. The highly pigmented formula offers all day wear with rich, luminous results."

According to her blog, Crystal says the Smudgeproof Black Pearl Eyeliner brush offers a simple and accurate application.

"Why did I take soo long to purchase this product?  This liquid eyeliner is quite amazing!  The description is spot on; it does not smudge, flake, run and it's so easy to use!  It's a nice black with a semi-gloss finish and the finest precise brush applicator I've come across yet!"

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