The classic black packaging.

isn’t it such a pretty color? & come on, you gotta love the name ;)

loving the packaging, very different indeed.

This is a lip gloss from the EVE PEARL(R) collection. It is called Foreplay. This was my 1st time ever trying out an EVE PEARL product thanks to Pursebuzz & I was in love. Eve Pearl’s products can definitely be expensive, therefore I recommend that you subscribe to her website & they will send you emails for their upcoming sales. You must take advantage of the Black Pearl Promo. It’s pretty much an online event where you can purchase products for a discounted price, anywhere from 40%-60%, something you can not pass up on since her products are amazing.

Anyways, back to how amazing these lip gloss is. I absolutely love the color and name of this lip gloss. The lip gloss feels amazing on my lips. It does not have a sticky feeling at all, & that’s a must have with all the lip products that I buy. I hate the feeling of sticky lips. The texture and consistency of the lip gloss is perfect. You can not go wrong with this pink lip gloss. I am definitely repurchasing this lip gloss, & trying out more colors. Swatches of the lovely lip gloss on my hand
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