Eve Pearl: No need for plastic surgery

  By: JamieMarie Harrison for Midtown East Makeup Examiner

One of the purposes of makeup is to cover or hide flaws, and more often than not accentuate the strong points of the face. In a woman’s daily routine, bargain shopping and an abundance of products often can get overwhelming, and then women are left settling for a product that doesn’t work. Professional makeup artist Eve Pearl has the solutions, and her expert advice is priceless as she proves in her book Plastic Surgery without the Surgery.

Eve Pearl recognizes the attachment and emotional commitment women make to their makeup. It becomes cult-like as women buy the same product, demanding more out of it and not getting what they need. Pearl identifies the problem areas of the average woman and conquers them with her flawless makeup tips, so that plastic surgery is not the first route a woman takes.

Laugh lines, crow’s-feet, acne, even double chins can all be solved with Pearl’s genius solutions and cosmetic line. After working on dozens of celebrities, including Kelly Ripa, achieving a clear complexion to getting rid of unwanted freckles, that perfect complexion is within reach.

This book is the “how to” for all women who are unhappy with a body part or anything on the face, even if it is just dark circles. It’s a read that is worth it for anyone who wears makeup, or has a flaw that they want to cover in just one stroke of the brush. This is a great way to reunite with the original purpose of makeup and to feel beautiful.

One of Pearl’s best selling products is the Salmon Concealer & Treatment, which tends to do so well because of their highly effective coverage, the vitamins, and the proteins and peptides, which do wonders for the skin. Loaded with anti-oxidants and stronger than vitamin E, it’s a promising coverage that also improves skin with use.

The EVE PEARL® Makeup Experience Studio & Boutique is located at 805 Third Avenue between 49th & 50th street on the Upper Level.



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