Eve Pearl For CFW

  By: CFW magazine

Emmy Award winning celebrity makeup artist, Eve Pearl is now in Jamaica for the Pulse produced
Caribbean Fashion Week which begins tomorrow, June 15. Pearl will team up with the Racquel
Jenkins lead Permanent Cosmetics Studio as the makeup sponsors of the regional fashion and lifestyle event.

The five time Emmy award winning makeup artist is also an author and producer of Plastic Surgery Without The Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup techniques book & DVD. Pearl is currently the personal Makeup Artist to Meredith Vieira on NBC's Today show and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. She spent nine years at ABC's hit show The View.
A major player in the makeup industry for close to two decades, Pearl was moved to create her own cosmetics line. Through extensive research and years of developing the right formulation for her premium brand, Eve created a multi-functional palette of makeup incorporating nutrients and natural ingredients, Salmon-Omega 3's, Micro Algae, Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-oxidants, Proteins, Peptides, and combined them with cosmetics- CosmeNutrients.

Pearl is also a teacher who holds seminars across America. She has created the 'Pearl Effect' which will feature in all the collections at Caribbean Fashion Week as Eve herself leads a team of makeup professional both from New York and Jamaica to create stunning looks for the designers. The other team members are Aina Lee, Herberto Distant, Pavee Rojasangrath, Meisha Harris, Tania Brown, Makeba Bennett Easy, Paul Mach, and Staysie Spence.

 The Jamaica team is headed by Racquel Jenkins Moss Solomon a certified beauty specialist who was the first professional to offer permanent cosmetics procedure in Jamaica. A staple in the business for several years, Jenkins Moss Solomon has made faces for some of Jamaica's stars of entertainment, fashion, and beauty.



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