By: Eve Pearl
Most of us, at one point or another have wondered to ourselves "How far can my chosen career take me?" I'm sure being a makeup artist might have you believe that this career path would be even more limiting... well my friends, not so. As a matter of fact, being a makeup artist has taken me as far as China... and all over the world.

As I head home to New York City, where I live and so greatly have missed my son, Joseph, my family, friends and colleagues, I realize how truly blessed I am and how incredible it is that I get to travel all over the world... in my chosen career... as a Makeup Artist... while doing what I truly love.

As I sit her on my 13 hour flight back home, it really makes me want to share my incredible adventures with you. In the world of blogging, its time that I joined in to share my voice... or print.

We've had quite an adventure in this last week while in China. We (Meredith, Deirdre and I) landed in Beijing, where we stayed at the beautiful Peninsula Hotel in the heart of the city. As soon as we arrived after the first 13 hours in the plane, of course we wanted to visit the market area and see what's going on around town. One of our trips out was to Xi-An, where we stayed over while some of the crew went to the earthquake affected area. While in Xi-An our accompanying producer Joy took Dee and I to see the terracotta soldiers... that was amazing. My favorite part though was when we visited Shaolin. We had the opportunity to witness one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen... its called Zen MusicShaoLin Grand Ceremony. With Music and Art Direction by Tan Dun and Dance Design by Huang Doudou. It was truly Zen music that touched your soul... created with the sounds of nature: water, wind, wood illumination and stone. We then visited the famous Shaolin temple, where Kung Fu originated. As a huge fan of Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan and Jet Li, I love martial arts movies... and seeing the place that I've previously only viewed in movies, with the real monks and martial arts in action, this makeup artist was very excited. We were basically on planes just about every day. Our next stop was back to the Beijing Zoo to see the Pandas that were rescued from the earthquake in Chendu province. And we also needed to be ready to do a "live" shot into the Today show, which airs at 7:00 am (that would be 7:00 pm China time). We had a minor complication at the airport... our flight was cancelled. Our producer, Audrey managed to flip 5 of our tickets to another flight and other 2 crew members were going to stay with the checked gear and meet us back at the studio... whenever they caught the flight. I cant tell you the number of places that get turned into makeshift makeup rooms... like, this lovely airport waiting area, for instance... sometimes we draw a lovely crowd of people waiting to get a makeover J. Well, we did manage to catch another flight, land on time and hit a major rain storm back in Beijing. Racing through traffic, black rain and rush hour, our amazing driver managed to get us on the set only 15 minutes after the 7:00 o'clock open... soaking wet. But we made it for the "live" shot and tell the back story of the pandas and show them hanging out at the zoo eating their sugar cane... they were sooo cute.

As we are flying back to New York, I'm already anticipating our return trip in August for the Olympics...




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