By: Eve Pearl

Beauty Review & Trend Forecast

At a recent CEW event, we got to be on the forefront with the leaders in the Beauty industry. The 2014 Trends and Forecasts confirms it...It’s all about YOU!!  So, what do YOU want? YOU want it Simple. YOU want it multifunctional, YOU want to see immediate results, and YOU want it NOW!!

(All photo credits: Patricia Willis)

Carlotta Jacobson, President of CEW welcomed the distinguished panel, David Jackson, EVP of SHAPE shared remarks and Jenny B. Fine of WWD Beauty Inc., moderated.  The conversational panel was led by Karen Grant, VP and Senior Global Industry Analyst, The NPD Group, Marshal Cohen, Chief Industry Analyst, The NPD Group and Larry Levin, EVP and Practice Leader, IRI Worldwide.  


Karen Grant (pictured middle) provided this insight:  “The direction today is for flawless appearance and self-assured choices. The look is flawless, with perfected faces, defined eyes, and evolved anti-aging applications. From primary care focused skincare, to bold red and even blue or green lips, and artisanal fragrances, the feel is self-assured...however, the attitude across the board reflects a new era of immediacy, looking for the quick fix of alphabet creams, masks, and illuminator...”  

Overall, the panel was exceptionally informative about social media, communication, mobile access, how good oils will play a vital role for natural hydrating solutions in skincare and the upsurge of male beauty as well as its skincare market.

How does all this affect YOU?

At EVE PEARL®, we are innovators of simple effective beauty solutions and skincare with immediate results.  Our Priming Moisturizer Treatment with Astaxanthin, PEARLfx HD Crème liquid foundation are great examples of this with the combination of Retinal in conjunction with Aloe, Vitamin E and Coconut Oils.

Staying true to rich pigments and performance products that are long lasting and feel good on the skin is key for our Brands.  For instance, Pantone’s color of the year is Radiant Orchid and is found in our Velvet Eyes; 6 color eyeshadow Palette. Velvet Eyes is double pigmented, vitamin E enriched and a long lasting wear eyeshadow palette.  And to achieve those ever-trending BOLD red, bright coral and dark lips, our Dual Performance Lip Colors like Cha-Cha, Hollywood Affair and Vampire Kiss are perfect.

Considered an industry leader and authority on beauty myself, it was a pleasure to hear that the efforts we are all putting into our products is making a difference and an impact on our lives. 

If you feel the changes in the way we are emotionally connected to our beauty routine or would like to see more, please share your thoughts.

Eve Pearl,
5-Time Emmy Award Winner, Author and Authority on Beauty

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