BeautiReview Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer Treatment Kisses Of Pearl Lip Gloss

  By: Eve Pearl

Disclaimer: I am not paid or sponsored by Eve Pearl to write the following review. This review is based on my opinion and personal experiences. I received the following products mentioned in this review as samples for blog review purposes at the Beautypress Spotlight Day in May 2013.

It is no secret about how I heard of Eve Pearl and Eve Pearl Cosmetics. Everyone and their mother heard of Eve Pearl and Eve Pearl Cosmetics. So, you can imagine how excited I was to meet the Eve Pearl Team at the Beautypress Spotlight Day in May. I spoke to a representative named Sabrina, and briefly talked about the Eve Pearl Line, and brand new cosmetics. It was the absolute highlight of my day at the event.

Many of my favorite makeup artists and YouTube beauty gurus highly recommend Eve Pearl Cosmetics, including using their products in their makeup tutorials. After watching their reviews and tutorial looks using Eve Pearl, I always told myself that one day, my goal is to write a review for a highly well known brand like Eve Pearl. As well as create a tutorial look using Eve Pearl for my YouTube channel. Well, it looks like I have achieved my goal for my blog. I know I sound like a fan girl, but Eve Pearl is one of my highly favorite cosmetic brands.

To add on my excitement, I received two Eve Pearl Products to review for you: Dual Salmon Concealer Treatment in Tan/Dark, and Kisses Of Pearl Age Defying Lip Gloss in Hey Sexy-409. I tried these two products, and absolutely love them. Now, I see why they are so popular worldwide. Plus, an award-winning brand. They both looked and felt natural. I am very pleased with these products. Definitely added to my makeup collection.



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