"Ask Eve"

  By: Eve Pearl

"Ask Eve" is an interactive blog segment where Eve will answer your beauty questions/concerns. Send in your questions via e-mail ( or video link, label the subject "Ask Eve" and tell us where you're from. You will be contacted should your question be selected. If you have a twitter handle, kindly send that in as well.

Here are some questions Eve answered and some great tips to follow. Looking forward to hearing from all of YOU EVE PEARL(R) fans!

1. Q. What's your recommendation for a skin regime?
    A.  Wash your face, using a mild face soap/wash with a washcloth ...and moisturize/prime as usual. No need for rest time without makeup...remember, when your makeup is the skincare, you can wash it and reapply it.

Q. How can I prepare skin to achieve the best in foundation application?
    A. Use a Non-Silicone, Oil-Free Priming Moisturizer all over the face...use fingers or a sponge.

3. Q. What's the best makeup remover out there?
    A.  For foundation: I have a home remedy: Extra Virgin Olive oil is a great all around makeup remover.
          For Mascara: Lancome ' has that blue/clear remover. We are developing one as well....

4. Q. What's your preference for foundation, liquid, mineral, powder, other? and why?
    A.  I like the EVE PEARL(R) HD Cream Foundations. They give you a full range of coverage without the mess. You can apply the HD Cream foundation with a brush...Using a damp sponge will allow it to go on more sheer (like a liquid) or use the sponge not damp or with just the brush and you will get full coverage, like a concealer. One product that will give you versatile applications. All the EP creams are oil free and water free...but they are water friendly... meaning, they work well with water, or if you perspire, get caught in the rain, cry etc.... makeup will be fine.

5. Q. What are your top three go to products from your line?
    A. 1. Priming Moisturizer w/Astaxanthin
         2. Salmon Concealer & Treatment
         3. HD Dual Foundation

6. Q. What is the best foundation coverage for acne prone skin/sensitive skin types? 
    A.  EP HD Dual Foundation was developed for acne prone, sensitive skin. That is why it is oil free, paraben free, fragrance free. Gives you all the coverage, and feels like your wearing nothing but your favorite skincare.

XO Eve




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