By: Eve Pearl

Christina Huffington: Mom’s bathroom has always been like a communal gathering space.

Arianna Huffington: The most important features I had to have when I designed my bathroom were a great bathtub–that’s key–and two sinks, so that if one of the girls is taking their makeup off, they can do that here. That’s part of the daily ritual for us, taking off our makeup and talking. I also have a bench in my shower because it’s a steam shower. This way, you can sit down and have a steam; it’s just so detoxifying.

Christina: We’re a really tight-knit family. I think it’s the Greek female thing, where everyone sticks together and hangs out. A lot of my friends aren’t close to their parents, which I never really got. But we definitely went through a rough patch when I was a preteen.

Arianna: And a teen...

Christina: [Laughs] ...and a teen.

Arianna: She went away to boarding school for a year! In Greece, the idea of your kid not going to school near you is completely crazy, so it was great when she came back. I was very close with my family–my mother lived with me while I was married and helped me raise my kids; she was like a second mom.

Christina: She was very different from my mom–she always wore a muumuu and no makeup. And she would be barefoot and feeding everyone all the time.

Arianna: I am different from my mother, but over the weekend, I love wearing no makeup and sweatpants. I get to have a complete break from the week, which for me is intense... I run the Huffington Post, which has grown a lot since 2005–we’re going to be eight years old on May 9th.



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