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EVE PEARL at International Beauty Show 2015

At this years IBS NY, EVE PEARL and the Eve Pearl team were in full gear! In visiting our island; makeup, hair, and beauty professionals and enthusiests could not help but stop and watch our live makeovers and learn about the amazing product line. As this year in the makeup world has been centered around "contouring". We at the Eve Pearl team are excited about this as being leaders in the makeup instructional process. On-lookers learned about not the contour but the Eve Pearl "Reverse Contour" method. This method is opposite of 'mainstream' makeup application and is used in television studios and shoots across the globe. A true makeup artists secret, brought into effect through Eve's Classes, videos, and television appearances. Eve Pearl's Reverse Contour method was also a headlining class at this years IBS. We thank everyone who stopped by our island, the fans who who made a B-Line straight to us as soon as they walked into the doors and the new fans and clients we have met since. Looking forward to hearing from and see you all again soon! Enjoy your Makeup!

Eve Pearl TV

Eve Pearl is now an accomplished makeup artist to the stars