Salmon Concealer® & Treatment w/Astaxanthin - MC

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SALMON CONCEALER with CosmeNutrients®

• Water Free • Paraben Free • Petrolatum Free • Fragrance Free •

Available in Pod (PD) -Net Wt. 6.3 g

Mirror Compact (MC) -Net Wt. of 3.25 g

No more dark circles! Revolutionizing the use of the "Salmon" or pinky/peach color as an under eye concealer to neutralize the dark blue undertones from the skin. (Yellows mixed with the blue undertones create those greenish/grey raccoon eyes that are highlighted and only accentuate the problem area.) This luxurious, lightweight cream provides the most versatile sheer - medium - full coverage with a non-greasy texture that glides on the under eye area or face, while allowing your skin to breathe. It blends into the skin and the universal spectrum of color in the pigments adapt to the skin tone and the changes caused by body chemistry, weather and sun exposure. Ideal for use when flawless precision is required with High Definition Cameras, Lights and REAL LIFE...for all ages.

For all skin types, especially sensitive skin. No more blotchy skin. No more redness!!

Apply with : a brush, sponge or fingers. Use water to dampen the sponge for sheerest application.

CosmeNutrients®: Innovative Technology combining Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Peptides and Antioxidants into Multi-Functional Cosmetic Formulations.

Astaxanthin/AstaReal® ingredient benefits:

  • A powerful antioxidant 500 times stronger than Vitamin E
  • Packed with Omega-3
  • Hydrates, protects & rejuvenates your skin's natural texture and elasticity
  • Anti-inflammatory properties to soothe, treat and protect against sun damage

  • Ingredients:

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    • shadan 01-16-2014 09:20 PM
      this is the only concealer I use for my dark circles...great PRODUCT !!!
    • Diana 02-09-2013 10:20 AM
      This product is a life saver for those of us that have heritary undereye circles. NOTHING works like this, and all the rumours of creasing are bunk if you use, per m/u artist Goss, a setting spray by lightly spraying a brush then patting it over the salmon concealer. This is miles ahead of the proular "corrector" brand sold at dept stores. FInally after 30 years I have found something that does the job brillantly. Don't miss out and put up with an inferior product or nothing at all.
    • Marie Pineda 09-16-2011 12:38 PM
      I have very dark under eye circles, and even when I put concealer on, I can still see a shadow under my eyes. After having tried this, they completely disappeared from view! Amazing! Plus the consistency is very thin, so I don't need to pile up with a ton of concealer. This is the only concealer that has every worked for me! I'm a huge fan now! I will never be without it!
    • Ahna 08-09-2011 06:03 PM
      I LOVE this concealer! I have been using EP products for the past 6 months and I am hooked. I used to use it's all EP! Buy this and you won't be disappointed!
    • Lisa Greenberg 03-07-2011 01:19 PM
      I have been searching and searching for something to conceal my undereye circles. I suffer from horrible allergies and have just started developing fine lines under my eyes and also need a product that won't settle into those lines and accentuate them. So far, I haven't been satisfied with anything. This salmon concealer has become a Holy Grail product for me. It's lightweight, doesn't cake or settle into lines, and it actually covers up those bluish/purplish circles under my eyes. I did buy the light but think I might actually need the medium for even better coverage.
    • Darlyne Westmark 01-13-2011 07:16 PM
      I will never have to look for another concealer. I am so happy I took a chance and ordered it. It truly does the job and I will continue to repurchase it. It makes your eyes pop and gives you fantastic coverage. It is so creamy and is super easy to apply. I use the Tan concealer and it matches just perfect!
    • Jessica Weinstein 12-05-2010 11:35 PM
      I have been looking forever for the best under eye concealer and I have found it! It doesn't make my under eye look pasty or creasy but blends them into the rest of my face so I look flawless!! I had so much more confidence with this concealer on. 100 stars!!!!
    • Jessica Hernandez 09-30-2010 04:42 PM
      As a long time asthma/allergy sufferer, I have dark blue circles under my eyes and even some blue veining on my eye lids. Nothing has ever been able to cover them so naturally until this amazing concealer! All you need is a tiny bit of it to cover the areas you need. It's bound to last me a long, long time! I've also noticed it smoothing out my fine lines as well! This is the perfect under eye concealer! A little dab will do ya! Thank you Eve Pearl!
    • Mr Jacob Thampi 02-01-2010 10:52 AM
      I love this product a lot. Its very creamy and goes on smooth on the skin. Good coverage. I use the tan foundation and the tan concealer matches me perfectly.
    • Camilla Johnsen 01-08-2010 02:21 PM
      Finally a concealer that doesn't settle into my fine lines and make me look older.It's smooth and creamy without looking 'wet' or shiny. And best of all, it really does the job when it comes to covering up darkness under the eyes. Love it!
    • Miriam Kurzweil 12-24-2009 09:56 AM
      Concealer has been the bane of my existence...literally! I have wasted so much money on so many concealers and they were all awful. This concealer is so blendable and stays flawless throughout a long day! Thank you so much Eve for this incredible product!!!
    • K Fung 12-22-2009 03:23 PM
      This is the best under eye concealer I've used. I was using Bobbie Brown's concealer before and thought that was good. Then I started using Eve Pearl, its even better. Very impressed, Well done Eve.
    • nayeli cobarrubias 10-25-2009 06:43 PM
      this concealer is totally awesome!

      It really works!!!

      loooooove it
    • pom 10-13-2009 02:47 PM
      I have dark circle and puffiness on my under eyes since I was a teenager. I've been trying all concealer in the market no matter drugstore or high-end brand, they're never right on me,even it covered my dark circle but left me yellow mask instead,meaning that people still notice I have dark circle. Until I've heard about salmon concealer,It totally works on me, it covers all my dark circle and also blend naturally with my skin tone so nobody knows that I have serious dark circle underneath that concealer anymore. Thank you soooo much EVE!!!
    • Aina Lee 10-12-2009 08:05 AM
      This is my favorite concealer. I never realized how much of a difference the salmon concealer made on my under eye circles, until I experimented with another yellow based concealer. I'll never go back to old school concealers again!
    • Joni Ewing 08-29-2009 09:32 AM
      I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, this is my HG undereye concealer! I have been on the search to find an undereye concealer that does not crease, corrects the darkness, and lightens just a bit. This concealer does all 3! I have very dark undereye circles, fine lines, and concealer tends to crease and cake up in that area. The Eve Pearl salmon concealer does not crease at all on me until 16 hours later, which I have very oily skin, so that much I expect!. I can't express how much this concealer has my love! The product is creamy, but not so creamy that it would crease. Only a little bit of product is needed to conceal. This product actually contains Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is found in salmon and is an anti-oxidant. It is what gives salmon the pretty color, but also keeps them from burning because they swim so close to the top of the water. My favorite way to apply this product to myself (who has lines under my eyes) and others is to swipe my concealer brush 1-2x in the product, and apply the product at the lowest part of the undereye, almost near the top of the cheek bone. I then blend upward, toward the lower lash line, with a damp sponge. This method helps to prevent creasing. This truly is my HG product! Only 1-2 swipes of a concealer brush is not a lot and the product will last a very long time
    • Sarah Lynn Vicente 07-13-2009 09:19 PM
      The salmon concealer is officially my HG concealer. I don't have heavy eye circles but I do have that slight blue underneath. I also have a slight blue color near the corners of my lips. I never noticed that I had this until Eve Pearl applied the concealer to 1/2 of my face. I saw a dramatic difference immediately! My eyes popped and I looked alive! For reference, I use the tan concealer and I am an NC35-40 in MAC and a 155 in MUFE HD foundation.
    • Sarah Lynn Vicente 07-13-2009 09:18 PM
      The salmon concealer is officially my HG concealer. I don't have heavy eye circles but I do have that slight blue underneath. I also have a slight blue color near the corners of my lips. I never noticed that I had this until Eve Pearl applied the concealer to 1/2 of my face. I saw a dramatic difference immediately! My eyes popped and I looked alive! For reference, I use the tan concealer and I am an NC35-40 in MAC and a 155 in MUFE HD foundation.
    • Kathrin Toschka 06-03-2009 07:49 PM
    • Claudia 04-29-2009 06:35 AM
      Creamy and pigmented, it blends very easily and conceals dark circles. It doesn't crease or slide, looks very natural and somehow also brightens the eye area. The best concealer I've tried.