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Interview with Emmy Award Winner Beautypreneur Eve Pearl Part 1

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Inspirational interview from the Emmy Award winning author and authority on beauty, Eve Pearl. This video is courtesy of Genevieve Santos.


Highlights from May 2013 beautypress SpotlightDay in New York City Hot Beauty Products all in one place

08-13-2013  |  By: EVE PEARL® Great Faces, Inc. |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

Highlights from May 2013 beautypress SpotlightDay in New York City Hot Beauty Products all in one place

I don't think it's ever taken me this long to post a Beauty Press Spotlight Day recap, but I cannot begin to explain how insane my schedule really is lately. As usual, Beauty Press delivered a ton of great brands directly to us, which is great. Editors/Bloggers get a ton of event invites, and it's just not possible to attend them all, so going to an event where multiple brands come to you is just a no-brainer to begin with. It saves me a ton of time to meet 10 brands at once, and so far I've discovered a ton of new favorites this way as well.

Eve Pearl
 - is a 5-time Emmy Award winning celebrity Makeup Professional with over 18 years of experience in television, film, theatre and print. She also has the patience of a Saint. As I mentioned the event was held on a rainy and super humid day. Most everyone was mentioning how they were feeling sort of blah and while no one seemed to want to take pictures of themselves getting worked on, they were taking pictures of others instead which did NOT make me happy, it's a huge blogger pet peeve of mine in fact. In my opinion while at an event you shouldn't just take pictures of other bloggers and use them on your site. Granted sometimes you can't help it, you are trying to get a shot of a speaker and get people's heads, but that's not what I'm talking about, I'm talking about purposely snapping a direct on photo of someone who isn't purposely posing for it for you. We have no choice about the venue and event sponsor using our image, but the least we can do is respect one another!

You would think I was the celebrity because when I sat with Eve the amount of flashbulbs going off in my face was totally taking the fun out of the experience for me. And she picked up on that and asked people to stop taking pictures which I can't tell you how much I appreciate that she cared about me feeling comfortable. You can't quite feel 'beautiful' when you are feeling gawked at and super un-comfortable. And while I'm aware I'm probably the weirdest blogger on the planet in that I don't actually enjoy taking tons of pictures of myself or having my picture taken at all really, it really was taking away from the experience having everyone yelling which way to stare while trying to take in the invaluable tips and tricks she was giving me! The makeover she gave me was truly phenomenal, I actually hadn't experienced one that 'transformative' since my last one by Jane Iredale. Eve Pearl gave me a very subtle look that I really liked, it was transformative but in a way that didn't look put on, it was very natural and she was so nice that she really turned my day around! One of the products she used on me that day was the Dual Salmon Concealer Treatment (I am a 'Light/Medium'). I definitely LOVE this concealer. I rarely find one that is as effective as I'd like it to be with acne scarring and this one was fantastic! In fact here is my after picture with Eve:

Eve was just all around awesome and I would definitely love to have her back on Ascending Butterfly!

To read more about this follow this link:

By: Tracy Iglesias


Winter Wedding Makeup To Make You Look Glowing Not Frozen

08-06-2013  |  By: EVE PEARL® Great Faces, Inc. |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

Winter Wedding Makeup To Make You Look Glowing Not Frozen

Baby, it’s cold outside – but that shouldn't stop you from looking smokin’ hot on your wedding day. While outdoor ceremonies are pretty much out of the question, brides aren't immune to winter woes when it comes to their hair and makeup. Follow these five guidelines (they're easier than figuring out the reception seating plan, promise) and you'll be on your way to beauty bliss on your big day– come rain, come snow, come hail or sleet. 

Scale Back 

Flakes, redness, dullness...dry winter air does no favors to a winter bride's complexion. The key to getting ahead of harsh winter temperatures is prevention. "Rather than waiting the day of the wedding to combat dry patches with lotion, start exfoliating and moisturizing at least a month beforehand," says Naeemah LaFond, owner and creative director of Under Her Veil, an on-site bridal beauty company based in New York. Her other day-of tip: Use a hydrating primer such as Smashbox Photo Finish. "This will leave the skin looking smooth and allow for easy makeup application,” she says. 

Build The Right Foundation 

Your summer foundation is yesterday’s news. Women – and especially brides – should switch up their base during the colder months, according to wedding makeup artist Jackie Schneider. “Unless the bride has unusually oily skin, matte foundations can actually accentuate fine lines and make winter skin look dull," she explains. "A silicone-based foundation, while too shiny in the summer, may be a perfect solution in the colder months.” Her favorite: Eve Pearl High Definition Liquid Foundation.

To read more follow the link

By: Stephanie Davila


Review Eve Pearl Makeup with Skincare

07-24-2013  |  By: EVE PEARL® Great Faces, Inc. |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

Review Eve Pearl Makeup with Skincare

I will start this post by stating that I love Eve Pearl! Her makeup line is amazing and

she is without a doubt one of the nicest people I have ever met!

Lets talk about the woman:

I was fortunate enough to meet Eve Pearl online. I began tweeting her and asking advice and then I met her at the 2012 IMATS in Los Angeles. She signed my book (Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery which at this point I was using as my makeup handbook/Bible), took pictures with me, did my friend Alex’s makeup, I giggled and laughed with her amazing staff and then she went on to give an INCREDIBLE seminar. This woman is amazing and I adore her. Later I entered her Youtube contest and won third place! I just love her!

Lets talk about the makeup:
If it wasn’t enough that she is an amazing person, she made an INCREDIBLE makeup line available at the Eve Pearl website. Her makeup line is a full line that she markets as makeup with skincare. I use her products in my personal kit and in my professional kit. The following is a list of what I own and I love every single item!

To keep reading, follow this link:

By: Ginney Bilbray


Jill Glaser speaks with Eve Pearl at The Makeup Show Chicago 2013

07-22-2013  |  By: EVE PEARL® Great Faces, Inc. |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

Jill Glaser speaks with Eve Pearl at The Makeup Show Chicago 2013

Hello All,

Here we are with Jill Glaser of Make Up First® School of Makeup Artistry at The Makeup Show Chicago 2013.

To watch the video follow this link:



#Eve Pearl revolutionised my makeup and modelling career with her products - and I got to meet her!

06-25-2013  |  By: EVE PEARL® Great Faces, Inc. |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

#Eve Pearl revolutionised my makeup and modelling career with her products - and I got to meet her!
After battling dark under-eye circles pretty much all of my life, it was Eve Pearl's salmon concealer that helped camouflage them and it worked wonders for when I was shooting as a model. As a makeup artist, it is now a staple in my kit and I have used it to transform the most stubborn under eye area.

I had the pleasure of seeing Eve Pearl in action at the recent IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show) in London and had a chance to chat to her afterwards. The five-time Emmy Award winner is one incredibly energetic, hard-working and down-to-earth woman. Here are some of her tops tips from the day:

To read more follow the link:

By: williamspromakeup


BeautiReview Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer Treatment Kisses Of Pearl Lip Gloss

06-11-2013  |  By: EVE PEARL® Great Faces, Inc. |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

BeautiReview Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer Treatment Kisses Of Pearl Lip Gloss

Disclaimer: I am not paid or sponsored by Eve Pearl to write the following review. This review is based on my opinion and personal experiences. I received the following products mentioned in this review as samples for blog review purposes at the Beautypress Spotlight Day in May 2013.

It is no secret about how I heard of Eve Pearl and Eve Pearl Cosmetics. Everyone and their mother heard of Eve Pearl and Eve Pearl Cosmetics. So, you can imagine how excited I was to meet the Eve Pearl Team at the Beautypress Spotlight Day in May. I spoke to a representative named Sabrina, and briefly talked about the Eve Pearl Line, and brand new cosmetics. It was the absolute highlight of my day at the event.

Many of my favorite makeup artists and YouTube beauty gurus highly recommend Eve Pearl Cosmetics, including using their products in their makeup tutorials. After watching their reviews and tutorial looks using Eve Pearl, I always told myself that one day, my goal is to write a review for a highly well known brand like Eve Pearl. As well as create a tutorial look using Eve Pearl for my YouTube channel. Well, it looks like I have achieved my goal for my blog. I know I sound like a fan girl, but Eve Pearl is one of my highly favorite cosmetic brands.

To add on my excitement, I received two Eve Pearl Products to review for you: Dual Salmon Concealer Treatment in Tan/Dark, and Kisses Of Pearl Age Defying Lip Gloss in Hey Sexy-409. I tried these two products, and absolutely love them. Now, I see why they are so popular worldwide. Plus, an award-winning brand. They both looked and felt natural. I am very pleased with these products. Definitely added to my makeup collection.

To follow this link and read more:

By: BeautyLifeGeek/Krystal Baptiste


Glowing, Glowing & Glowing – Healthy Looking Sun-Kissed Skin

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Glowing, Glowing & Glowing – Healthy Looking Sun-Kissed Skin

Blushing and applying bronzer correctly is an art form, most of us either use too much or apply it incorrectly. One rule of thumb is to never apply blush of the bottom third of your face and never on your temples.

We scoured the beauty isles in search of the universal bronzers that will give dull and tired skin a boost of sun-kissed radiance in a matter of minutes.View slideshow: Glowing, Glowing & Glowing – Healthy Looking Sun-Kissed Skin

Our favorites are:

Blush Trio by Eve Pearl – is available in 6 color pallets for all skin tones. The results are natural looking cheeks with a flush of color for all day perfection. The silky powder glides on for a seamless application and the Vitamin E infuses your skin with all day moisture. $36

To read more follow this link:

By: Anita Rivas



06-06-2013  |  By: EVE PEARL® Great Faces, Inc. |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »


Christina Huffington: Mom’s bathroom has always been like a communal gathering space.

Arianna Huffington: The most important features I had to have when I designed my bathroom were a great bathtub–that’s key–and two sinks, so that if one of the girls is taking their makeup off, they can do that here. That’s part of the daily ritual for us, taking off our makeup and talking. I also have a bench in my shower because it’s a steam shower. This way, you can sit down and have a steam; it’s just so detoxifying.

Christina: We’re a really tight-knit family. I think it’s the Greek female thing, where everyone sticks together and hangs out. A lot of my friends aren’t close to their parents, which I never really got. But we definitely went through a rough patch when I was a preteen.

Arianna: And a teen...

Christina: [Laughs] ...and a teen.

Arianna: She went away to boarding school for a year! In Greece, the idea of your kid not going to school near you is completely crazy, so it was great when she came back. I was very close with my family–my mother lived with me while I was married and helped me raise my kids; she was like a second mom.

Christina: She was very different from my mom–she always wore a muumuu and no makeup. And she would be barefoot and feeding everyone all the time.

Arianna: I am different from my mother, but over the weekend, I love wearing no makeup and sweatpants. I get to have a complete break from the week, which for me is intense... I run the Huffington Post, which has grown a lot since 2005–we’re going to be eight years old on May 9th.

To read more follow the link

As told to ITG

Arianna and Christina Huffington photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on April 3, 2013.


"Ask Eve"

04-09-2013  |  By: EVE PEARL® Great Faces, Inc. |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

Our topic this week is Eve's favorite makeup trends for the warmer season upon us and her favorite makeup tricks....

Q. What are your three favorite makeup trends for the warmer seasons?

A.  1. Liquid Eyeliner.....gel, liquid and pencil

      2. Rosy Colored Cheeks

      3.Bright Lips

Q. What is your trick to highlighting the eyes?

A.  Salmon Concealer used both under the eyes and on the lid will highlight your eyes. Remember to use a bit under the brow bone as well as on the outer corners of the eye to make them look lifted.

Q. What about lips, how would you highlight them?

A. Use the HD Dual foundation (both shades) with a concealer brush to line around your lips (this will highlight and create a barrier for your lip color to stay put). I also like using a strong color as the base and then lightening it up with a gloss.

Q. What is the easiest way to take a look from day to night?

A. Reapply your eyeliner-liquid or gel on the top of your eye can also make it a bit thicker on the outer end of the eye....and then add some jewel toned shadows on the outside corner or even above the entire liner. Adding a bright lip color will give added glam for night time. And if you are really daring, try some false lashes.


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